FU GUI FANG China Restaurant, Stuttgart


FU GUI FANG Restaurant | www.germanyja.comSince arriving in Stuttgart, my boyfriend and I have been on the hunt for good Asian restaurants. We have heard plenty of times that most Asian restaurants aren’t very authentic. Taking a risk and sitting at a table at Fu Gui Fang was a pleasant surprise. Usually we go to a Thai restaurant that is (almost directly) opposite this place, but today I guess we were in the mood for something different.

The menu is enormous, which is a huge perk for us considering my partner does not eat pork (my god, what a challenge that is living in Germany!). The restaurant itself is rather nicely decorated and feels clean and modern – a nice place to go for a special treat. There are plenty of tables inside and some outside, too, shaded with large white umbrellas. Unfortunately it started to rain quite heavily while we were seated outside, but the staff were very kind and speedy in relocating everyone indoors.

I would say that the food is reasonably priced, probably falling in the lower to mid range category. Anyway, the main portions were huge! We were rather hungry and let our bellies order for us. Two mains and two entrees and a drink each! The bill came to about forty euro.

I enjoyed everything we ate, and would definitely order it again.
Starter: tofu mit chinesischem Koriander (Tofu with Chinese coriander). €5,90
Starter: gedämpftes Hühnerfleisch nach Sechuan-art (Steamed Sechuan chicken – only for the spicy food lovers! It was crazy! My boyfriend was heavily perspiring, it was hilarious). €4,90
Main: gebratenes Hühnerfleisch nach Gongbao-art (Kung Pao chicken – stir fried chicken, peanuts, vegetables, chili peppers. Yum! On the slight spicy side from memory, but reasonable). €10,90
Main: gebratenes Rindfleisch auf einer heißen Platte serviert (Sizzling beef fillet with vegetables served on a hot plate. It came out sizzling – was good fun!). €12,90

Don’t forget to ask for some jasmine rice. I don’t like eating most Chinese foods without some, and I often forget that I have to ask for it. The staff spoke enough English, and we spoke enough German for us to all get by. Their website has the full menu listed, along with the prices! (I don’t know about you, but I get so frustrated when online menus don’t have prices).

Fu Gui Fang is located at Schulstraße 12, 70173 Stuttgart. Incredibly close to the Marktplatz, in the city. We walked from the Hauptbahnhof station, but you could also get to it from the Stadtmitte station or even the Charlottenplatz U bahn. Keep your eye out for it, as there are many restaurants within this padestrian zone.

Guten appetit!FU GUI FANG Restaurant | www.germanyja.com

Fu Gui Fang Restaurant Website

Website includes menu!


China Restaurant – Fu Guifang GmbH
Schulstr.12 / 70173 Stuttgart


0711 – 12047918


Daily from 1100 – 0100
Lunch menu Monday – Friday 1100-1630

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