Military Installation Overview: Rose Barracks (Vilseck)


We would like to show you a quick snapshot of the various military installations in Germany. Today Sara shows us around Rose Barracks (Vilseck). If you would like to tell us about your base or post, please contact submissions and we’ll get a template for you to fill out!

Name of installation: Rose Barracks (Vilseck)

Where in Germany? (State and general area): Bavaria

What military branch(es) use/run this base: Army (Air Force present as well)

rose barracks bk bowling |www.germanyja.comRestaurants within the gates: Italian Restaurant for lunch hours (& dinner on Thursdays) called Ristorante Rosalia’s; Burger King; Java Cafe & The Zone Sports Bar near barracks; PX food court: Popeyes, Charlie’s, Anthony’s Pizza, Brunner Backerei (German Bakery) and Subway; Various food stands outside the PX rotate throughout the week: Doner, rotisserie chicken, grilled chicken & meat sandwiches

Shopping within the gates: Pxtra (a small PX, but with lots of furniture) and thrift shop

Other things to do within the gates: Shoppette, bowling center, library, chapel services, movie theater, gym, car care (including bays for DIY). Outdoor Recreation is near Grafenwoehr.

Child care options: hourly care, after school care, and daycare on post with CYS or family (home) care.

Schools: elementary and high school are on Rose Barracks while middle school is near Grafenwoehr. Bussing is available.

What is your favorite nearby, off-station attraction:  Freizeitsee Diessfurt, a lake for swimming, surfing & sailing about 20 minutes from Rose Barracks

freizeitsee diessfurt |www.germanyja.comWhat types of housing offered on base?: Townhouse and duplex style housing on Rose barracks. Off post government housing tends to be 30+ minutes away (Netzaberg & Weiden are common places at the moment) but can be a little more spacious.

Where can you get free WiFi? (We all know that’s an important question during those first few days.): Library, Kristall Inn, Java Cafe

Something great: Rose Barracks is a small post which means it’s usually easy to get around, and you can easily get to Grafenwoehr (there’s a bus you can take for trips between posts) for anything that is lacking here (like the larger PX and the Outdoor Rec center). There’s also a train station right in Vilseck which makes it easy to travel pretty much anywhere in Germany & beyond!

Something you wish you could change: I wish there were a little more options when choosing housing – there are much fewer than there are Stateside, and if you arrive during PCS season it’s pretty much ‘you get what you get’ at the moment. Off-season you might have a few more options and possibly a larger home.

General impressions of the installation: Rose Barracks is a friendly community and the surrounding communities are also very welcoming. MWR and ACS offer plenty of activities on and off post, but it seems that the people who most enjoy being stationed here use the weekends and time off to enjoy German pastimes (festivals and more festivals), sightseeing, and travel.

Here is the Military Installation Overview for nearby Grafenwoehr.

And some more general information about US military posts, bases and barracks in Germany.

Note about pictures: Click on the first photo for the credit, all others were taken by the contributor. 

rose barracks pxtra |


3 thoughts on “Military Installation Overview: Rose Barracks (Vilseck)

  1. Megan wittenburg says:

    I lived in germany for some time and moved back here. my dad is in the army thats why. it is a beautiful place to live. i would recomend liveing in germany if you are looking for a place to move to.


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