Curtain Tracks & Hooks

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I’ll never forget walking into my base house here for the first time and seeing those metal tracks on my ceiling. And then after trying to pull open those awesome vertical blinds I knew that something had to change in my house AND pretty quickly. Prior to arriving to Incirlik, I had seen discussions on the Facebook Spouses Page about these metal tracks, but I had no idea how I was actually going to make them work with my curtains. My determination was driven by one small factor: The vertical, plastic blinds had to go as soon as possible!
Some might be fortunate and have curtains that are pre-made to use with track hooks, but I wasn’t one of them. Ikea sells several curtains in multiple lengths, material and color that can be ordered online and are ready to be hung with the curtain track hooks.
Curtain Tracks & Hooks-004
My curtains were made strictly for being hung by a curtain rod, so I needed to add in a strip of curtain track tape. I purchased my curtain track tape at the Thursday Market.
Curtain Tracks & Hooks-003
The vendor who sells the curtain hooks and curtain track tape is past the vendor who sells pasta and spices, but before all of the produce.
Curtain Tracks & Hooks-001
Adding curtain track tape to your existing curtains may seem like an impossible task if you don’t sew, but if you don’t you can simply take them to a seamstress or a tailor in the alley (or even on base – alterations is located next to the post office). The seamstress I use has a shop called Aleyna and it is located near the Thursday Market.  Click here for directions. Ask for Emine! She speaks some English, but the rest of her staff does not.
Curtain Tracks & Hooks-002
In addition to retrofitting your curtains, Emine can sell you the curtain track tape and hooks. It runs about .50-1TL per meter for the tape and about 3-4TL for 50 hooks. Recently, I went with a friend who needed 70 hooks and 7 meters of the curtain track tape and it cost her 10TL total.  Emine can also sew the tape on your curtains for about 5-10TL per panel, including materials and hooks.
Curtain Tracks & Hooks
If you are able to sew, then sewing on the curtain track tape is very easy. A straight stitch across the top and bottom of the tape will secure the tape to your curtains. I did it really quickly on my sewing machine! When we leave Turkey, I plan to remove the curtain track tape and use them with a curtain rod again.
Once your tape is in place, add a hook every 8-10 spaces and then slide your curtains on the track by the hooks!
If you have any additional curtain questions, please leave a comment and I will be glad to help!

10 thoughts on “Curtain Tracks & Hooks

  1. Larissa says:

    This is such great information! I had no idea that I could use my existing curtains – that would have saved me some money. I bought my curtains from Koctos at the Optimum Mall. The curtains already had the track tape on them and I just purchased a bag of hooks there as well. Koctos had a great selection of curtains to include sheers. I’ve taken a couple newbies there to purchase curtains as well. Emily – you are so right about changing out those horrible vertical blinds for curtains. It’s a quick and easy way to make your home feel so much more ‘homey.’ It was the first thing I did when we moved here!


  2. Jess says:

    Yes, I brought my IKEA curtains and they are exactly like pictures Emily shared. In fact, when I initially purchased my Ikea curtains (two assignments ago), i never got around to hemming them to the correct length. SO, when we arrived, my curtains here were actually long enough. It was a total fluke on my behalf but it worked out well. I have 3-4 large panels to cover the windows.
    Thanks for posting the pictures Emily!


  3. Emily says:

    Hi Ysabelle! It really depends on the housing – For my house in Eagle, I made my curtains about 102 inches long. For my curtains upstairs that didn’t weren’t track curtains, they are about 85 inches. The perfect length depends on your wall height, but usually I purchase about 2.5 meters to 3 meters per panel. I like to have extra hem in case I have taller walls in my next house. I usually measure the walls from where I plan to hang the curtains and add about 10 inches on to that number for the rod and bottom hem. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please let me know =)


  4. Ysabelle says:

    Thanks for the response! I love this website – very informative ! We are going to be PCSn there in Dec… Random question and out of the context but, how’s the weather like there? Does it ever get cold?


  5. Larissa says:

    It gets cool, but Incirlik doesn’t get any snow. The lowest it usually gets in the winter is around 50 degrees.


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