Water Playground "Wasserspielplatz" Killesberg, Stuttgart


Water Playground "Wasserspielplatz" Killesberg, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comI’ve written about the wonders of Killesberg Park before, but I think the Wasserspielplatz deserves its own description. The “water playground” is located across the street and short distance downhill from the main area of the park. If you start in the main park, you either have to take a tunnel under the road or a bridge to get there. Follow the winding path downhill (stroller friendly), and you will come across two restaurants on the way to your splash adventure. If you start from below, it’s a very short walk from the Löwentorbrücke stop on the UBahn. The advantage of this approach is that you get to cross the Egelsee area, with its spraying fountains and many opportunities to splash in the water.

Water Playground "Wasserspielplatz" Killesberg, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comSince the water playground a little bit out of the way, it’s usually not terribly crowded and there is plenty of room for everyone. The advantage of this place is that the water is relatively shallow, which minimizes the risk of drowning (although adult supervision is definitely still necessary). Water comes from a kid-driven pump above, and through a series of pools, gathers and flows downwards. Younger kids will enjoy splashing in the water, but for older kids there’s potentially a whole science lesson to be learned. Several wheels and screws allow kids to churn the water up into the next higher pool while various locks can be opened to allow the water to gush back down. If you bring your bag of sand toys, they can be used to funnel and scoop water and splash around.

Water Playground "Wasserspielplatz" Killesberg, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comThere is some gravel and rocky terrain, so pool shoes or crocs are advisable. There are plenty of shady spots on the lawn nearby, as well as some play equipment and a basket swing (always a plus for those with toddlers and babies). If you bring a picnic lunch, it’s a very low-cost family outing. It’s a great destination or stop on a family bike ride or walk through the park. Right next door you’ll find one restaurant with ice cream and beer (among other things). They also offer a public restroom (free for customers, 50 cents for everyone else).

Water Playground "Wasserspielplatz" Killesberg, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comIf you go by car, park at Killesberg Park and walk down. If you go by train, you can get off at Killesberg and walk down, or take the U5, U6 or U15 to Löwentorbrücke and walk up.

Water Playground "Wasserspielplatz" Killesberg, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comAdress: Stresemannstraße, 70192 Stuttgart, Germany

Here is Lucy’s other article about Killesberg Park. 

Water Playground "Wasserspielplatz" Killesberg, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.com

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