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One of the many benefits to being stationed here in Turkey is the ability to purchase custom-made furniture for much cheaper than you can get in the States. We had heard about this prior to arriving, but didn’t understand just how popular it was until we got here.

One of our first ventures upon arriving here at Incirlik was to walk through the Alley (the street located right out the gate). I was overwhelmed with all of the furniture stores along the route. It was really fun going into each of them to look at their showrooms and available pieces of furniture. I think every one of them even offered us çay (Turkish tea) which we really enjoyed as well.

Once we got to the end of the Alley (right before the D400), we entered the last furniture store called Redwood Furniture Store. The owner, Tansel Estetik, greeted us and welcomed us into his shop. At that time, his shop was huge and had lots of gorgeous furniture on display. I wanted to decorate my entire home with his furniture!

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Then he and his wife invited us to sit in his office for some çay. While having our tea, I noticed the mounds of catalogs on the coffee table and inquired about them. Tansel then informed us that his real business was in custom making the furniture for each customer. As I flipped through some of the catalogs and showed interest in pieces, he pulled up actual sets he had made in the past. His custom furniture was beautiful!

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Then I came to the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. I found the set that I wanted to purchase for my daughter once we got back to the States and Tansel said, “I can make that exact set for you.” I was so excited! Especially when he quoted a price that was almost half of that from Pottery Barn. When the set was complete, I could not believe the quality and detail! It literally looks EXACTLY like the PBK set and even matches the other PBK furniture in her room.

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It was so fun ordering a bedroom set for my daughter that I wanted to order a set for my son as well. However, I couldn’t find what I wanted in a catalog so I customized the bedroom set myself. I explained to Tansel that I wanted something that would “grow” with him (after all, if we were going to spend this much on furniture I want it to last until he’s 18), but I also wanted him to enjoy it now, in his younger years.

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So, Tansel picked up a pen and while I spoke he wrote my requests down. I wanted a full sized bed that was a bunk, but could be taken down and used as a regular bed later. I needed a large desk, night stand and dresser to match – and it all needed to fit under the bunk just in case we end up in a smaller house down the road. The finishing touch was adding curtains all around the bottom of the bunk so that it could also be his fort (and with the curtain tracks it was super easy and can be removed when he gets too old for forts – a sad day). My son’s bedroom set turned out amazing! It was so great that I had Tansel make a matching book shelf (straight out of the PBK catalog).

Redwood (15)

The furniture has held up extremely well over the past two years and we couldn’t be happier with the purchase! Tansel does amazing work and I highly recommend his shop if you want custom made furniture (especially if you’re a PB fan like me).

We recently went back to purchase one more set before we leave Turkey – a formal dining room set. The detail in the craftsmanship is beautiful and I love that I got to go with Tensel to pick out my own upholstery for the chairs – it was an adventure in itself.

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As far as payment goes, Redwood prefers US dollars and requires a “good faith” deposit upon ordering/purchasing furniture. Tansel is accommodating in accepting whatever payment you can afford at the time. For our first order (the bedroom furniture) we put half down and paid the rest upon delivery. For the dining room set, we pulled money out of the ATM each day until we were paid-in-full because we were on a shorter time line.

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Recently, some rumors have been going around that Redwood is going out of business and this is not true. As you can imagine, business in the Alley is competitive and once this rumor started, it quickly spread throughout the Alley and on base. The truth is that Tansel downsized his showroom and to get the furniture cleared off the floor he held a ‘Clearance Event’ back in May. People took this event to mean that Redwood was closing its doors. However, Redwood has been in business since 1977 and has no plans of closing down. Tansel’s family has been in the Alley for years as well (his father is the owner of Estel’s located right before the train tracks).

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Redwood does not have a large showroom of furniture now because his main business is in custom work. Tansel can pretty much build you anything you want if you bring him a picture and the dimensions. Redwood is definitely worth the drive/walk down to the end of the Alley!

A big “Thank you!” to Tansel for the beautiful furniture he built for our family. It will be cherished for years to come and be passed down to the next generation when the time comes. We will always remember your shop, your attention to detail, and above all your friendship!

Payment: TL or USD


Google Coordinates: 36.98252, 35.43048

Address: İncirlik Cumhuriyet Mh., Atatürk Caddesi, 01220 Adana, Turkey

Phone: 0322 346 5070

3 thoughts on “Redwood Furniture Store

  1. Tansel says:

    Ms. Larissa,

    First of all being a Turkish citizen I Thank you very much for your efforts making this helpful site and expressing your experiences to the new comers to Turkey. This is a great Guide people who wants lo learn and find easily without getting lost or difficulties.

    A big special Thank you for letting me introduce me and my family with a great family like yours. I was really happy and enjoyed in every step to make your furniture.

    As you highlihted yes I have been hearing some rumors also that I am closing down, this is not true! I have started to make furniture business to the American community since 1977 and my business will remain here until the last American flies out from the base 🙂 . Competititon here is very bad unfortunately. Competitors spreads all kinf of negative words about my business but thanks to all my customers who did not believed in and prefered our company to own high quality hand made furniture. Even one of my competitor opened a store right infront my shop and tried to steal my customers! But his business did not last long.

    I am very happy and proud serving to American community on base.

    Ms. Larissa, Thank you again for your kind words about my business.


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