Bier Brezel, Heidelberg


bierbretzel2When walking through Heidelberg’s Marktplatz surrounded by old German architecture, it seems wrong to dine on anything other than classic German cuisine. After a day of sight seeing, we decided to take a short break to eat in the Altstadt. Directly across from the Heiliggeistkirche (Church of the Holy Ghost), right next to Marktplatz, we found Bier Brezel.

We got seats outside and we given menus (with English translations!). After hiking the Philosophers Walk and taking the stairs up to the castle, we were pretty hungry so we decided to start with cheese stuffed pita rolls, which were amazing, and a couple Heidelberger Pilzners.

Bier Brezel, Heidelberg, Germany | www/germanyja.comAfter a bit of debate, we decided to order the Koenig Ludwig Flammkuchen and one of the Hähnchensteaks (Chicken Steaks) that the waitress recommended. During a quick trip to the bathroom I took a look at the inside décor, which was made up of stone walls and wooden benches. Behind the bar, I noticed a cook using a stone oven behind the bar to make the Flammkuchen we had ordered while the waiters poured our beer (which we had ordered with classic “beer pretzels, naturally).

The food came quickly, and everything looked and tasted delicious. Service was amazing, and both of our waiters switched to English once they heard our accents. The serving sizes were a bit bigger than we had expected, so after our meal we stayed for a bit to people watch, have an espresso, and soak up the downtown atmosphere. Overall it was a great dining experience, and this is definitely a place I’ll go back to next time I’m in Heidleberg!

Bier Brezel, Heidelberg, Germany | www/

Bier Brezel Website


Hauptstrasse 184 Heidelberg





Daily 1000-0100

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