Kebapçı Adil


Kebapçı Adil


For those nights when you need to get away from the base and the Incirlik Alley, but you don’t want to go too far, I recommend Kebapçı Adil. Located in the ‘furniture/wood district,’ it is not too far away from the base, so if you’re new to the base, a taxi ride here would not break the bank.

Kebapçı Adil     Kebapçı Adil

The restaurant has a great playground for kids too! As soon as the sun begins to set, it is perfect time to sit outside, enjoy your meal and let the kids run around. As parents of small children, this place is as good as it gets without getting a babysitter. They also have very comfortable indoor seating with air conditioning.
Kebapçı Adil
Kebapçı Adil serves the standard Turkish cuisine such as Adana Kebabs, Chicken Kebabs, Mixed Grill Kebabs and Chicken Tava. I could not believe the portion sizes of the free pre-meal salads and bread! The portions were more than I had ever seen at any restaurant in the Alley. I am usually full before my entree even arrives!
Kebapçı Adil
A favorite menu item for me is the hummus! It is always served hot, covered in melted cheese and with fresh bread.
My children love the cheese bread, also known as pide. Kebapci Adil serves their pide on thin, crispy bread, covered in cheese and tomatoes. The prices are about the same as restaurants in the Incirlik Alley, which is about 7-16TL for an entree item and 2TL for soft drinks.
Kebapçı Adil
Address: Güzelevler Mh., Şehit Jnd. Er Gökhan Yılmaz Caddesi, 01220 Adana/
Coordinates: N 36°58’50.3” E 35°23’38.9”
Directionsmap Make a right out of the base gate and then turn right onto the D400. Turn left at the 2nd light. After turning left, go about 1/4 mile, and the restaurant will be on your left at the round-a-bout. Parking is on the street in front of the restaurant, along the curb. Parking is free.

9 thoughts on “Kebapçı Adil

  1. Larissa says:

    We ate here for a “Going Away” party and it was delicious! The restaurant is very accommodating for large groups – they put a long table together for us, were able to do separate checks (for 15 of us!) and of course you can’t beat the playground that is located right on the property if you have kids. It was a very enjoyable evening for our entire family and we will definitely be going back.


  2. Emily says:

    It said in the Happenings ad that they were open 7am til midnight, but I feel like that cant be right that they would open that early!


  3. Mary says:

    We love this place. We’ve been here just 2 short months and have eaten here 4 times already. The food is moderately priced, service is great and the playground is a nice bonus when you have kids.


  4. Tuti says:

    We went to Kabapci Adil for dinner last night because of recommendations from Turkey Tanam and we loved it. We even got to see a Turkish wedding party arrive for their reception! The food was delish!!!


  5. Matt says:

    The various bread items or “ekmek” (Turkish) at this restaurant is outstanding as they have a brick oven on site and bake all their own bread items. Make sure to get the humus dip as it’s the best we’ve found in Turkey. The playground is great for the kids, but keep a close eye on them playing on the teeter totter if they are younger. A lot the seating at this restaurant is outside, but you may want to sit inside if mosquitoes target you or its that time of season. Great Restaurant overall and they do take US credit cards.


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