Kapuzbaşi Waterfall Trip


DSC04577We recently went on an Outdoor Rec (ODR) trip to the Kapuzbaşi Waterfalls. The trip left on a Saturday morning and returned to the base on Sunday evening. It was about a 4 1/2 hour drive each way. We usually plan, and drive, our own family trips in Turkey, but since we were unfamiliar with the roads and area we decided to go on a guided tour for this one – AND were we so glad that we did! About an hour from Kapuzbaşi, the road became extremely winding. It also followed a cliff ledge with no rail guard! There were even parts of the road that were dirt and gravel. Plus, it was out in the middle of nowhere so I’m sure there wasn’t any cell service. If we had driven ourselves and broke-down on the cliff’s ledge with no cell service, I’m not sure what we would have done!

The tour van stopped twice on our trip for restroom and snack breaks. Our third stop was for çay along the beaten path. The owner serenaded us while we enjoyed the scenery and our Turkish tea.


We then continued on our journey to the waterfalls. Once we arrived, our guide drove us by the waterfalls before he took us to our hotel. Our hotel was located right by the waterfall park and was a campground with cabins. It was beautiful and shaded with lots of greenery. There are 12 cabins total at Kapuzbaşi Şelale (the name of the place).


Each cabin has electricity, a bathroom with shower and wifi. Our couch pulled out into a bed to comfortably sleep the 4 of us.


After getting settled in our cabin, we loaded up in the tour van and headed back to the waterfalls – this time for a couple hours of exploration. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes as the terrain is uneven and unstable in most places. I really wish we would have had a pair of those sneakers that also serve as watershoes (i.e. Keens).


After touring the waterfalls for a while we were able to walk back to our cabin since it was so close. That night the hotel did a Turkish BBQ for us (included in the cost of the tour) and the food was delicious and plentiful. The night was capped-off with smores – my kids’ favorite part!

DSC04611 DSC04612

The next day we hiked to the other side of the waterfalls with the group. (This is when it would have been great to have had water shoes because there are parts of the hike in which you wade through water. It was such a pain switching mine and my kids’ shoes to flip-flops every time we got to the water areas.) The hike itself was fairly easy and beautiful! We took a little break at the end of a stream where you could wade in the water to cool off.

DSC04623 DSC04624

Overall, our family had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend this trip through ODR. One more piece of advice though, if you’re prone to motion sickness be sure to take that into consideration and come prepared as the drive is winding and bumpy.

Click here to view Kapuzbaşi on the map.

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