Mikoto, Asian Restaurant, Stuttgart


Mikoto, Asian Restaurant, Stuttgart |www.germanyja.comWe decided to try Mikoto for a moms’ night out and it was a lovely place. They had extensive seating outside on the sidewalk and a rather large patio area at the back of the restaurant. I would recommend reservations, as it was packed on Thursday night when we visited.

Mikoto, Asian Restaurant, Stuttgart |www.germanyja.comI had the fresh spring rolls and the sushi special (I get so overwhelmed by sushi menus that I often just pick the special). It wasn’t cheap, but a nice night out with friends sometimes has its price. Again, I made it out the door for under 20 Euros, including an appetizer, sushi special and a large bottle of water. There is a reasonable wine list and they do have Sapporo beer, but we were told there were no cocktails. We were served a delicious ginger-lemonade type of drink when we sat down and I found it very light and refreshing.

Mikoto, Asian Restaurant, Stuttgart |www.germanyja.comThe food all tasted fresh and was beautifully presented. The portions were on the small side, but that’s to be expected when you go for sushi. If you’re in the mood for a warmer, more filling dish, there were many options for soups and hot noodle dishes. There were also plenty of vegetarian options in the form of hot food or sushi (cucumber and avocado sushi, for example), so if you don’t eat fish, you can still find something on this menu.

Mikoto, Asian Restaurant, Stuttgart |www.germanyja.comWe were warned that we should order carefully because the orders take 30 minutes to prepare, so if we wanted a second round of sushi, it could take a while. The waitress had a very handy app on her phone to keep track of split checks and exact change, so a table of 8 ladies paying separately was no problem. When things got busy, we definitely had to work for our server’s attention, but overall, I was happy with the meal.

You can reserve and view the menu online!

Mikoto, Asian Restaurant, Stuttgart |www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip:

Mikoto website


Tübinger Strasse 41
70178 Stuttgart


Monday – Saturday: 1130-1500 and 1700-2400
Sunday: 1500-2200



2 thoughts on “Mikoto, Asian Restaurant, Stuttgart

  1. koichi yoshida says:

    REstaurant heißt japanese Küche aber sprechen keine Japans und das Essen war nicht Original von Japan so viel fusion


  2. Content Editor says:

    Danke, Koichi Yoshida. Roughly (and imperfectly) translated, for those who do not read German: This restaurant has a Japanese kitchen but the staff does not speak Japanese, and the food is Japanese-fusion, not authentically Japanese.


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