Türkmenoğlu Kirtasiye – Art Supply Store


Turkmenoglu Kirtasiye


After moving to Incirlik, I was told  by another spouse that there were art stores in Adana. I decided that I needed to locate these stores as soon as possible so that I could restock all of my paints and other art supplies that I had to give away before our PCS here.


There are two locations for Türkmenoğlu Kirtasiye in Adana, but my favorite store is in New Adana. It carries art canvas’, paint brushes, colored pencils, art pens, several different types of paints (acrylic, oil, pastels), paint pens, several different types of art paper – including water color paper, sketch pads and poster board.  However, I did find this store to be strictly an art supply store – no craft supplies.

Turkmenoglu Kirtasiye Turkmenoglu Kirtasiye


In addition to art supplies, Türkmenoğlu has a large stock of school supplies and office supplies.

Turkmenoglu Kirtasiye Turkmenoglu Kirtasiye


The prices for art supplies are generally similar to the prices you would expect in the States at a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, but I did feel that the prices for school and office supplies might be slightly higher. However, it was comforting to know that if I needed these items today, they were available.

Turkmenoglu Kirtasiye           2014-08-30 13.10.08Turkmenoglu Kirtasiye


I usually bring my small children with me when I shop here.  And even though the store is not that large, and has lots of things they could knock over, the store employees have always been very friendly – even with the language barrier. Since the employees don’t speak much English, this is a great place to practice your Turkish!


Payment: Visa, Mastercard or TL (preferred method)

Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm, Closed on Sunday

Website: Türkmenoğlu Kirtasiye

Google Coordinates (New Adana):  36.996212, 35.325985 (shown on map below)

Parking is on the street. This street has very heavy traffic, and parking on the street is limited. Sometimes, I can park right in front of the store, but other times I have to park several blocks away and walk back. I’ve never been charged for parking and I’ve never seen a parking attendant in the area, so I assume it is free. Click here to view directions from base.

Google Coordinates (Old Adana):  36.987623, 35.326580

You can park on the street in front of the store, but I usually park across the street in an Otopark next to the Catholic church – it’s 6TL for the entire day. This store location is very convenient if you are going to spend the day shopping in Old Adana. The fabric district is near this location. There are also lots of great shops on Cakmak Cd., including a 5 story fabric shop  called Zaimoğlu. It’s lots of fun exploring in this area! Click here to view directions from base.

Address: Reşatbey Mh., Cumhuriyet Caddesi, 01920 Adana, Turkey

Phone: 0322 431 0453

2 thoughts on “Türkmenoğlu Kirtasiye – Art Supply Store

  1. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    The last time I went there, they did have a VERY small display with pipe cleaners, mini pom poms and foam shapes for doing crafts 🙂 No fabric, ribbon, or buttons though.


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