Built-In Friends: Our Military Family


navy frg

We are instinctively drawn to people that have similar interests, careers and hobbies as we do. So a nurse, a counselor, a business owner, a college student, a day care provider, a teacher, a veterinarian tech, a military member, a stay-at-home mom and an ecologist make a pretty unlikely group. And yet, there we all were, dressed in the funkiest outfits and singing na-na-na-na together while shaking our hips.

We weren’t just putting on a show at the Dinning In, we were having a great time and looking good while doing it! As unlikely as it is that we would have ever gotten together on our own, we have a great time each month at the squadron’s monthly get-together. The crowd changes month to month as does the scene as we met for dinner, explore the local culture, plan parties or just go bowling . Yet there is that sense of unity and family as we spend time together.

Almost all military squadrons or units have a spouses group which met on a regular basis. Typically these gatherings are to allow spouses to mix, mingle, befriend and support each other. Regardless of what your interests might be, squadron spouses groups are a great place to find friends because these women know what you are going through.

Many of their husbands work with your husband (which is great because your husband will probably know your friend’s husband). Getting involved in a spouse’s’ group lets that “built-in-military-family” be just that, a family of friends. So fellow minglers, your challenge this week is to find out when your squadron’s spouse group meets and join them! And for those of you who already know, post the info below in the comments so other spouses from your squadron can join in the fun.

This post was originally published on Okinawa Hai, but we think it relates to life here as well. Overseas Yes and Okinawa Hai have no legal or managerial affiliation; please see the Legal Page for more information.

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