Caribou Coffee


I was driving down Ziyapasa Cad. for the first time last year, and I did a double-take…and then a triple-take. “Was that what I think it was?!” Oh, it was! It totally was!! Never in a 1,000 years, did I expect to see my favorite coffee franchise here in Turkey! Little to my knowledge, Caribou Coffee actually has 33 locations all across Turkey including shops in Mersin, Kayseri, Istanbul and Antalya. Caribou

Here in Adana, it is conveniently located in the upscale New Adana area on Ziyapasa Cad, and surrounded by other American novelties such as Sephora, Starbucks and several local American style restaurants, such as Cosecha Cafe and the North Shield Pub.
Be sure to check out the Caribou Coffee website before you visit to see what drinks they offer! My favorite is the Caramel High Rise Cooler. It is just like a Caramel Frappacino (in my opinion), and it’s AWESOME! A small Cooler drink costs 10TL (about $5). In comparison to buying coffee at other coffee shops in the States, it’s reasonably priced. Most drinks at Caribou Coffee are between 5-15TL ($2.50-$7.50). They offer hot and iced coffees, mochas and have an extensive menu of frozen/blended coffees and smoothies.
In addition to coffee, they have a great selection of desserts! Since the servers do not speak much English, they always hand me a photo menu to order from (whether I ask for it or not – lol). Another great perk – they have free Wifi.
Parking is available street-side, but it might take a few passes to find parking close to Caribou Coffee. Sometimes I’ve been extremely fortunate and found parking right it front, but often times I have to park and walk. However with lots of stores to shop along Ziyapasa, it has never been a hardship to park and walk. There are parking attendants in this area and it usually costs between 1-2TL to park my car.

Payment: Visa, Mastercard or TL
Hours: 7:30am – 11:30pm
Phone: 0322 454 3394
Address: Kurtulus mah. Ziyapasa bulvari No:14 Daire: 2.3.4., Adana
Google Coordinates: 36.999284, 35.3199945

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