Ozlem – Sewing Supply Store




Today while shopping for fabric in Old Adana, I went back to a sewing supplies store that I had visited several months ago. This shop has just about everything you need for sewing, including ribbon (lots and lots of ribbon), scissors, thread, buttons (lots and lots of buttons), elastic, tulle, zippers, pins, felt, craft paint, quilt batting, and so much more!



Prices are very reasonable at this shop. A pack of themed buttons (sports, baby, flowers, etc.) was 6TL. A case of about 6 spools of thread was 5TL. The amount of inventory in this little shop is impressive!



The owner and employees of this shop do not speak much English, but that does not diminish their helpfulness at all. All of the store employees were eager to help and assist me.

Ozlem          Ozlem


If you have some extra time after visiting Ozlem, be sure to visit some of the other shops in this alley way. There is a great scarf store along the way, as well as several shoe stores, and even a few toy stores.



The great thing about Ozlem, is that it is easily accessible in Old Adana. Parking is right next to the Catholic Church on Cemal Gürsel Cd. Parking costs 6TL for the entire day. The Otopark is right across the street from Turkmengolu (the Old Adana art store).



Directions: Once you spot Turkmengolu’s orange exterior, take a left into the Otopark. Once you park, walk north on Cemal Gursel Cd and take your first left into a little alley way. The shop will be about half way down the street on your left. There is not a shop name or sign, but look for a lot of soccer jerseys hanging in front of the store. The shop is on Nalbant Halil Sk, but I do not remember seeing a street sign.

Payment: TL is best

Hours: The store hours were not posted, but I arrived at 10:00am and they were open.

Address: Tepebağ Mh., Nalbant Halil Sokak, 01000 Adana, Turkey

Coordinates: 36.987842, 35.325936

6 thoughts on “Ozlem – Sewing Supply Store

  1. Beth says:

    The directions to this store are perfect! I went there on Saturday looking for notions and got a long heavy duty zipper, spool of thread and 2 meters of ribbon for 5TL. Definitely take a picture of anything you’re looking for so they can help you find it – the shop is small and VERY full of stuff, and no English speakers. : ) Great store – thanks for the post!


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