TAPS – Bar, Café & Lounge


Taps (13)

We recently headed down to Ziyapasha Cad for an afternoon of family fun, food, shopping and strolling. We wanted to branch-out and try a new restaurant this time, so we went to TAPS.

Taps (8)

TAPS has outdoor seating, indoor (but open) seating, and a bar in the back of the restaurant. Since it’s summer and quite hot outside, we opted for indoor seating and they sat us right next to the A/C unit.

Taps (12)Taps (11)

The atmosphere in TAPS is great. It is made to look like you are sitting outside in a city setting with brick walls and blacked-out windows with red trim. The staff was great and made a big-to-do over our kids. The bartender even brought our daughter some Turkish Delight after our meal. That’s all it took for them to become fast friends. Our waiter spoke some English, which was very helpful. The restaurant even has free Wifi.

Taps (10)

The drink menu is quite extensive offering everything from sodas, sparkling water, frozen cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and of course lots of international beers. As soon as our kids saw the frozen strawberry daiquiri picture on the menu, they immediately wanted that! Since we were planning to stroll around the area after we ate, we thought, “why not sugar them up for the journey?!” The cost of the non-alcoholic daiquiri was 8TL – not cheap, but definitely worth the cost (look at the size!).

Taps (6)

The food menu was in Turkish, but had lots of pictures. Plus, some of the entrées were derived from the English language so it was easy to order what we wanted. They have items such as salads, soup, burgers, wraps, french fries, chicken strips, pizzas, pasta dishes and more. Prices rival those in the states – about 16TL for a burger with fries.

Taps (2)Taps (3)

I ordered the burger and it was not like cheeseburgers in the states. It was still made of beef,  but the meat is lose and flat (not thick and juicy). It was still delicious, just different.

Taps (9)

We visited TAPS on a Saturday around 1pm and had the place practically to ourselves. It’s always nice to be in an empty restaurant with young children. I am so much more relaxed when I know we aren’t bothering any other patrons. Plus, we don’t get that “you’re a foreigner stare” the entire time we’re eating. I’ve driven by TAPS later in the day/evening and it does get packed. I’ve also heard from many Americans that it’s a great place to visit and have a drink at night. The music is loud, the bar is full and the atmosphere is fun. So I’ve deduced, this is a family-friendly place during the day and a great hang-out for adults at night.

Taps (5)

Payment: Credit Cards and TL

Hours: 11:30am – 3:00am

Website: TAPS on Four Square

Phone: 0322 233 8277

Address: Kurtuluş Mh., Ziyapaşa Bulvarı, 01030 Adana, Turkey

Coordinates: 36.99793, 35.32093

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