Waldheim Heslach


Waldheim Heslach | www.germanyja.comIf you love outdoor time with the family on our precious few sunny summer days, you probably like a great Biergarten as much as I do, too. Going to a Biergarten is an easy, casual way to eat, play and drink the day away, but I often find that if the food is good, the playground is mediocre, or vice-versa. Lucky for us, we stumbled on the Waldheim Heslach.

Waldheim Heslach | www.germanyja.comThe Waldheim Heslach is your typical Biergarten, except much bigger and with an amazing menu and a fantastic playground. Their specialty food is Maultaschen. If you haven’t tried this Swabian specialty yet, you’re missing out. Along with Spätzle, this is the quintessential food of Stuttgart. Waldheim Heslach has them in just about every variety. If you’re a beginner, you might want to just start with Maultaschen and potato salad. If you’re looking to branch out, they offer them with cream sauce, roasted over a salad, and even made of salmon. There are also the typical Biergarten offerings, like sausages. We had the Maultaschen salad, and it was fantastic. It has grilled Maultaschen slices, potato salad, cabbage salad, carrot salad, lettuce, tomatoes and a delicious dressing.

Waldheim Heslach | www.germanyja.comThe kids’ menu has a lot of variety. There was a small Schnitzel and fries offering that was more than my two kids could eat together, as well as Spätzle noodles and sauce, hot dogs, and other dishes.

Waldheim Heslach | www.germanyja.comThe big attraction for us (of course) was the playground. There are bridges, there are tunnels, there are little hiding places, swings, slides, and a huge sandbox featuring a little platform and a shade sail (in case the sun ever comes out). There were plenty of sand toys to share, so there’s no need to bring your own. There are also very nice restrooms with a changing table, and they have disability/stroller access. There are also indoor eating spaces and banquet facilities, in case you’re looking for a good place to party!

Waldheim Heslach | www.germanyja.comThe location is ideal for a little family forest outing without having to drive very far outside the city. Despite its name, the Waldheim Heslach is not actually located in Heslach, but rather in the Dachswald area of Vaihingen. Since it’s in the forest, some walking is required. If you go by car, you can park just outside the forest and walk. There is also a bus stop nearby. Without a toddler, it’s probably about a 5 minute walk into the forest. With a toddler, it was more like 15 minutes. Resist the temptation to park in the small neighborhood right next to the Waldheim. Three cars were towed for illegal parking during our Sunday visit, so it’s best not to chance it. If you’re into hiking or biking, the forest offers plenty of paths to explore as well. Dogs are allowed in the Waldheim as long as they stay on a leash.

Waldheim Heslach | www.germanyja.com

Tips For Your Trip:

Waldheim Heslach Website


Summer (1 May – 31 August): Daily 1000-2300
Other (1 September – 30 April): 1000-2200 Closed on Wednesday


Waldheim Heslach
Dachswaldweg 180
70569 Stuttgart

Exact directions can be found on the Waldheim Heslach website.



Waldheim Heslach | www.germanyja.com

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