Dervish Cave Suites in Cappadocia


Dervish VI

Cappadocia (Kapadokya) is one of my favorite places to visit. This trip makes it my fourth visit to the area. It is only about a 2.5-3 hour drive from base. We typically fill up our gas tank, pack our lunch, and head out on a new adventure. The driving conditions are unlike the hustle of the Adana, as is the whole Kapadokya experience.

Dervish IV

On this trip we stayed in the Dervish Cave Suites. Yes, in a cave! But don’t let that name fool you, the hotel is amazing. It is located in the heart of Göreme and walking distance to the “main area” of town. The family suite (room number 12) fits our large family nicely. There isn’t an A/C in the room but since it’s a cave, it cools off nicely. Breakfast is served every morning on the terrace. In addition to what is being served, they will cook you anything you wish (omelets and french toast to name a few).


We went out on the 2 hour sunset four wheeler ride. While it was a bit dusty this time, the ride offers the most breath taking views of the beautiful Kapadocia. You’ll see the Red Valley and Fairy Chimney’s. The tour guide does stop to allow for pictures and we stopped twice for a spot that had a bathroom and sold water, juice, and gift items. The trip ended and we were pretty dusty but we had a blast and were ready to EAT!

Dervish VII

This trip we stopped into a great little location for some carpets. Dowry Carpet really fit our style and price range for carpets. We had a lot of fun learning about handmade carpets and visiting with our friend Mehmet. Unlike the “typical” carpet experiences, we were not being rushed into buying a carpet. Mehmet and Attila really enjoyed sharing with us the heritage of their beautiful country and sharing their stories about their own travels. Attila also speaks French, Japanese, and English in addition to native Turkish.

Dervish III

Some of our other favorite things to do in Kapadokya are (Click on each activity to learn more):

Dervish II

Fairy Chimneys

Open Air Meusem

Horseback riding

Uçhisar Kalesi (castle)

Güray Seramik Museum in Avanos (Prices are high, but negotiable. Start by offering half of the tagged price.)

Free climbing and hiking around the rocks

Searching for obsidian and onyx

Underground city of Derinkuyu (Note: Tour guides will hustle you outside for a guided tour.)


Website: Dervish Cave Suites

Phone: 0384 – 271 – 2184


Address: Gaferli Mah. Cevizler Sok. No:5 Goreme / Cappadocia / TURKEY

Google Coordinates: 38.643687, 34.830681

3 thoughts on “Dervish Cave Suites in Cappadocia

  1. Larissa says:

    That’s a good question. It does snow in Cappadocia, but I’m not sure when the winter actually starts. Sept and Oct are probably the best Fall months to visit, and by November it really starts to cool down, especially at night. We went in April and the weather was perfect! Sunny during the day, but cool at night. We wore long pants and jackets most of the time. Maybe check the weather online and take a look at the average temps there year round.


  2. Jess says:

    We have been to Kapadokya in December. Yes, indeed there was snow on the ground and I found it to be beautiful that time of year too. We are “cold weather people” so we simply bundled up with our winter jackets and boots and had a great time. There is some sort of tranquility seeing Kapadoka covered in the snow. An experience that we do not regret.


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