K1 Waldspielplatz Kaiserslautern- Rope climbing course


lower course K1 Kaiserslautern|www.germanyja.com

Just north east of Kaiserslautern, in the woods on the way to Mehlingen, is an amazing ropes course. 19€ for 3 hours (€17 for children) was definitely money well spent, and if you’re looking for a weekend activity for the family, I would highly recommend giving this “kletterkurs” a try.

K1 Kaiserslautern|www.germanyja.com

K1 offers 8 courses, 5 of which are allow climbers as young as 7- with a climbing companion of course. We only tried 4 of the courses, which range from “easy” to “middle” to “hard”, and while some were easy we definitely found the harder courses very challenging.

There is ample parking in the front of the facility, so the only planning required is making sure they’re open. “Klettersaison” (climbing season) 2014 is from March 24 to November 16. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays you will need to make an appointment to climb, but Friday-Sunday they allow walk in climbing sessions from 1000hrs-1900hrs.

A short archery course was just opened this season, and they offer beginner and advanced courses. I didn’t try the archery courses, so I cant vouch for how fun they are, but it definitely looked like a good time! Make sure to ask the front desk or call ahead if interested.

There is also a “Forest Bistro”, which is always open when the facility is, and offers great snacks, drinks, coffee, and even ice cream.

K1 Kaiserslautern|www.germanyja.comSome Tips for Your Forest Adventure:

K1 Waldspielplatz WebsiteK1 Kaiserslautern|www.germanyja.com


€19 for 3 hours.
€17 for students.
€14 for children ages 7-13
€5 for each additional hour.

For new children climbers, you can use a “climbing guide” for €15 an hour. They will guide up to 4 children at a time, and must be reserved beforehand.

Kids can even have a birthday party here! More info on the K1 Website. 


GPS coordinates: 49°28’04.08”N • 7°50’35.44”E


67663 Kaiserslautern
(next to the “Red Devil”[Rote Tuefel] sports park)


For exact directions visit the K1 Website.

course map-brochure K1 Ropes course Kaiserslautern |www.germanyja.com

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