Tanker Bufe: On-Base Bakery & Café


Tanker Bufe

We are new to Incirlik AB and I wanted to get a delicious tasting cake for my husband’s birthday this week, but the commissary baked goods were somewhat limited.  I mentioned this to my Turkish nanny and she told me there is a Turkish bakery right here on base near the Turkish Catina (they share the same parking lot).

We decided to go together to see what my options were and I was quite impressed!  There was a big book of cake designs with all kinds of options to choose from. The designs included kids birthday themes, sports themes, elaborate wedding cakes, princess cakes, and even a Turkish “Evil Eye” cake.

Tanker Bufe           Tanker Bufe

The bakery can pretty much make any flavor cake you like, to include the most popular flavors of vanilla and chocolate. You also get to choose your filling. They have flavored icing fillings, fruit fillings and much more. I went with a chocolate cake with pistachio filling and it was absolutely to die for.  So moist and tasty; not too sweet!


The cakes are delivered to the base from a famous bakery in downtown Adana called Mado.  They have a decent sized book for you to look through for design ideas.

Tanker Bufe cake

The cake fed at least 25 people and it only cost 70tl. The Turkish employees at the bakery speak very little English so I took my nanny with me to help order the cake. Also, you must place your cake order at least 48 hours prior to pick-up and they only accept credit cards (charged in TL). 

Tanker Bufe

At the time of this posts’s original review in September 2014, Tanker Bufe served food in a lunch menu; however, as of September 2015 it is no longer serves food during lunch hour; that text has been removed from this post.
The cafe continues to offer delicious desserts (Baklava & cake slices), chai, turkish coffee, Efes beer, and a variety of juices & soft drinks.
The bakery is located in the same parking lot as the new “Turkish Shopping Bazaar” also known as the old Turkish cantina building.  You cannot miss it!

They have a great outdoor seating area for you to relax and unwind from a long work day.

Tanker Bufe         Tanker Bufe

So, for your next special event I would highly recommend ordering your cake from Tanker Bufe.

Tanker Bufe                             Tanker Bufe

Payment:  Credit Cards Only (charged in TL)

Phone:  0322 – 332 – 7825

Location: On Incirlik AB by the Turkish Cantina (next to the front gate and Phantom Housing)

2 thoughts on “Tanker Bufe: On-Base Bakery & Café

  1. Tuti says:

    I attended the New Comers tour today and part of the tour the guide took us to the Turkish Cantina and they pointed out to us the Tanker Bufe. So, definitely everyone (not just the Turkish people) can dine at the bakery/cafe.


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