Bits of America right here in Adana



Living in a foreign country can be, well let’s face it, FOREIGN. If you’ve been in Turkey for a while now there’s a good chance that you’re starting to crave a little piece of America and the familiarity of home. If you don’t have the time or resources to head back to the states for your fill of “home,” then rest-assured you can find a little comfort in visiting these American franchises located right here in Adana. You got it, ALL of the below listed places are located within 30 minutes of base.


This is also great to know if you are a newbie and wondering if you will ever see your favorite places to eat and shop at while stationed here. For me personally, one of my first questions when finding out we are heading overseas is, “Is there a McDonalds?” If the answer is yes, then I know it can’t be THAT bad – LOL!


Places to Eat:SB

  • McDonald’s  – Located throughout Adana (I’ve been to 5 locations so far) and at the M1 and Optimum Malls
  • KFC – M1 and Optimum Malls
  • Cherry Berry Frozen YogurtNew Adana
  • Arby’s – Optimum Mall
  • SubwayNew Adana and Coming Soon next to Cherry Berry
  • Domino’s Pizza – New Adana
  • Sbarro’s Pizzeria – Optimum and M1 Mallskfc
  • Burger King – Located throughout Adana and also in the Optimum Mall


Coffee Shops:

  • Starbucks – Located throughout Adana and in the M1 Mall
  • Caribou Coffee – New Adana
  • Gloria Jeans coffee – Coming Soon!gym


Places to shop and play:

  • Gap & Gap Kids – M1 Mall
  • Gymboree Play & Music for Babies & Toddlers – New Adana



Did I get them all? Have you found other American franchises here in Adana?

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