Lagos Balik (fish) Restaurant


Lagos Balik


We had quite an interesting dining experience at Lagos Balik Restaurant in Adana near the lake last night.  I say interesting because:

1.) The waiter never gave us a menu to order from so we had no idea how much anything cost.

2.) We got to pick out our own fish and then have it cooked the way we wanted it – fried, grilled, or seared.

3.) They have an amazing outdoor seating area with a mini playground equipped with swings, a slide and even a merry-go-round.

Lagos Balik      Lagos Balik

When we first sat down the waiter asked us if we wanted some calamari or shrimp to start.  Sure, why not?  Calamari please. How about salad?  Sure, we’ll take that too.  Then he walked us over to the fish case to pick out our fresh fish.

Lagos Balik


When we got back to our table, our waiter brought around a cart full of mini side dishes and we got to pick out what we wanted–no limit.  At this point, he still hadn’t given us a menu or old us how much anything costs.  My husband and I were somewhat afraid that our meal was going come out to be $500 with everything being ala carte – ha ha. However, we decided to just relax and soak in the “experience” and not worry too much about the cost.

Lagos Balik                            Lagos Balik



The evening weather was perfect, our young daughter was enjoying some new friends at the playground, and we were able to eat our meal in peace! I had the Fried Lagos and my husband had the Grilled Sea Bass.  It was amazing!  So tasty and delicious.  I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking to take a break from eating kebabs and tava for every meal!Lagos Balik             Lagos Balik


With all of the delicious and fresh food we got to eat, we were quite surprised at how reasonable our bill was – 170TL . We even had leftovers to take home in a little doggie bag.

Payment:  Credit cards and TL

Hours: 12:00pm – 10:00pm

Phone: 0322 – 235 – 2626

Website: Lagos Balik Restaurant on Trip Advisor

Address:  Karslilar Mh. Suleyman Deminrel Blv. 82001. Sk 01000 Adana, Turkey

Google Coordinates: 37.053555, 35.296024

2 thoughts on “Lagos Balik (fish) Restaurant

  1. Emily says:

    Wow! For all the food, 170 is very reasonable and comparable to the States! Especially for seafood! Looks like a great restaurant…can’t wait to try it.


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