Treiber Café, Degerloch-Stuttgart

Treiber, Dgerloch | www.germanyja.comCONTRIBUTED BY LUCY B.

When the new Treiber café opened in Degerloch-Stuttgart earlier this year, I thought, “Man, does Stuttgart need another bakery?” Little did I know that this new bakery/café would be the answer to my eating-out-with-kids dreams.

In addition to all the usual tasty baked goods that you find at any regular German bakery, Treiber offers a great selection of sandwiches (meat and vegetarian). Their cakes are fantastic. My favorite is the Bienenstich (Bee Sting), which is toasted almonds and pastry with honey cream in the middle. They also offer cakes with seasonal fruit on them (berries, plums, apples, etc).

Treiber, Dgerloch | www.germanyja.comFor breakfast, there are several options of plates that include sliced meats and cheeses as well as a bread basket and marmalade. The one I had today was 4.95E and everything was very tasty. Their house-brand marmalade is excellent (available in cherry or mango), and if you love it, you can buy a jar to take home as well. They also offer freshly-prepared eggs, or you can go for a Bavarian breakfast with a Weisswurst and pretzel. A full selection of coffees, teas and other drinks (including champagne and beer) is also available. On weekdays, there is a daily special for hot lunch at a reasonable price (around 5 Euros).

Treiber, Dgerloch | www.germanyja.comAs a parent, I can’t say enough about the new Treiber. They have a large, round table in the back corner big enough to seat 8 or more people, and a little play corner. This would be the ideal place for a mom’s meet-up. The noise from kids is very well tolerated by the staff and other patrons and I saw three women breast feeding last time I visited. They’ve also just opened a huge patio in the center courtyard with lounge chairs and sun umbrellas. If that’s not enough to get you out the door with a little one, did I mention the fantastic restrooms? The doorways are big enough for your stroller (even a double-wide) and there is a changing table. Need I say more?

Treiber, Dgerloch |

Treiber Café website



Epplestraße 23
70597 Stuttgart

This is a small chain with multiple locations in Germany.

GPS Location:

48.74699408252078 N
9.170749038028703 EGo9.170749038028703ogle Maps

Telefon 0711-94586231
Fax 0711-94559800


Monday – Friday: 0630-1830
Saturday: 0630-1800
Sunday: 0800-1800

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