“Tuhafiye” Yarn Shop


Yarn store


There is a great yarn store located right in Incirlik Village and I wanted to share it with you all. To be honest, I’m not even sure how I found this place, but I’m so glad that I did!

I’ve always just called the shop “The Incirlik Yarn Store,” but its true name is Seçkin Tuhafiye & Yün Evi. Translated it means “Outstanding Haberdashery and Wool House.” “What in the world is a “Haberdashery?!” I’ve never even heard that word in the English language. Maybe my vocabulary really did go down the drain after having children!  Either way, I decided to turn this into a personal learning experience.

Yarn store


Hab·er·dash·er–  A person who sells small articles for sewing, such as buttons, ribbons, zips, and other notions.

Wow! Who knew? But apparently, the word is most commonly used in Great Britain, so there’s my excuse.  If only it had translated to “sewing notions shop” then this whole vocabulary side trip I’ve taken would have never happened!

Back to the real reason you’re reading this article – the yarn.

Yarn store


It’s a small shop, but it has a decent selection of yarn, buttons, and spools of thread. Plus, it saves you a trip into Old Adana. Prices are very good! A skein of yarn is about 3-4.5 TL. I don’t knit or crochet, but it looks like the shop has a good variety of yarn to me. (I was there for the spools of thread.) Speaking of thread, there is a lot of colors and the cost is only .75TL!

Yarn store                        Yarn store


In addition to yarn and sewing notions, the shop also sells scarves (not a great variety, but some), some children’s art supplies (there was even face-paint!), and a random selection of beauty products and nail polish.

The shop owner is one of the friendliest merchants that I’ve met in Incirlik Village. He does not speak any English, but he speaks Turkish in such an exciting way that you feel like you are understanding every word he says. He always seems delighted to have new customers in his shop, so be prepared for him to show you lots of his products.  If you just want to look, say “bakiyorum” which means “I’m looking.”


Parking: Anywhere on the street, or there is a driveway right next to the shop.

Payment: TL only (small coins and bills)

Hours: 10am – 4pm (Approximately, as there are no hours are posted.)

Google Coordinates: 36.988661, 35.438188

Address: İncirlik Cumhuriyet Mh., İstasyon Caddesi, 01220 Adana, Turkey

4 thoughts on ““Tuhafiye” Yarn Shop

  1. Dekota says:

    Stephanie, it’s easy to get to. I’ll see if I can make a video when I go next weekend.

    Basically you turn right outside of the gate, go down and there is a three way road right before the railroad tracks, you will turn left here. Go all the way down and the road will curve to the left. You will pass a small gas station, and you will look on your left for the store, it’s shortly after the gas station.


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