Children’s Grand Park


Korea--Children's Grand

I can’t believe there hasn’t been a post written about this place yet. Maybe because it’s big and well known and everyone thinks it’s been written up (like Lotte World…if you wanna send a post in for that, holla!)  I mean the place is like a dream come true for a child.  A cornucopia of fun-filled delights.  And it’s free!


You may wanna shell out some sheckles for cotton candy or a camel ride, but just to go and see and do costs nothing.  In fact, even if you don’t have children, it’s worth the trip. The place is just fun. Here’s why:

There’s a cool sculpture park with ET and the Avatar.

Korea--Children's Grand

A fountain that dances and plays music, a la Banpo Bridge

A state of the art children’s museum. (You have to pay for that one…like $4.)

Seoul Children's Museum Children's Grand Park

A large playground in the sand.

Children's Grand Park

Children's Grand Park

A water play area.

Children's Grand Park

Children's Grand Park

A bird sanctuary.

A zoo with elephants, monkeys, lions and the like.

Children's Grand Park

Children's Grand Park

Children's Grand ParkWay to make it lifelike Children’s Grand Park Zoo!

A place to ride camels and (I think) horses.

Children's Grand ParkSome bouncy water play place. (We’ve never been there. I think you have to pay. Sorry no pics!)

A botanical garden.

Children's Grand Park

An amusement park. (Pay per ride, like at a carnival).

Children's Grand Park

Children's Grand Park

Places to hang out and picnic.

Children's Grand Park

There’s all kinds of other randomness in there too. Here’s some of it.

Children's Grand ParkPan fluters throwing on any kind of regalia they can get their hands on.

Children's Grand ParkI think this is some kind of fairy village.

Children's Grand ParkThe requisite Pororo toys.

Children's Grand ParkMe spying on the cell phone love birds.

It’s a little bit of a hike from Yongsan (20-30 minutes driving), so that’s why it’s not our go-to park like Seoul Forest is, but we’ll hit it every few months, particularly for the children’s museum. But if you go, you can totally make a day of it. Your first time going, you might want to bring re-enforcements if your kids are younger because it has the potential to be overwhelming!  But it’s doable alone too, if you take the park in pieces, like just to hitting the zoo or just the museum.

Children's Grand Park

If you don’t feel like navigating the subway w/ a stroller there’s stroller rental there.

Children's Grand Park

As far as food goes, I would highly suggest bringing snacks/packing a lunch. If you enter the park from the Children’s Museum there’s a VIPS and a burger joint across the street and a reasonable and casual Italian joint about a block to the right of the kids museum. In the park itself, just before the zoo, there’s a little cafeteria area with indoor/outdoor seating. Some burgers, hotdogs, and Korean food. If you can find on the map the “parrot village” there’s a pizza place next to it that I just discovered and have never been too. And if you are at the amusement park at the far side of the park there is a Popeyes. (Be advised, when I went it was the filthiest fast food joint I have seen. Ever.)

THERE IS NO CAFETERIA IN THE CHILDREN’S MUSEUM! (Although there is a cafe w/ coffee, juice and ice cream.)

Children's Grand Park cafeteria

Also, bring a change of clothes for the young ones in case they run into the little stream. It might only be going in the summer time. In winter, by the way, there is a little ice skating rink there!

So, if you haven’t been yet, you high tail your little butt out to this park. Your munchkins will thank you for it!


Hours: 9am to 10 pm (zoo 10am-5pm)

Seoul-Childrens-Museum-Map-600x503(Map from Seoul Children’ Museum website.)

Address:     서울특별시 광진구 능동로 216 (능동)

The address above is to the Seoul Children’s Museum which is at the entrance to the park, if you want to show a cab driver. When I type the English address from the website into my GPS it takes me to some weird backstreet though, so below is the address to the VIPs steakhouse across the street from the entrance to the park/children’s museum. Parking is at the Children’s museum.)

248, Gunja-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea
By subway,  Line 7 Children’s Grand Park exit one. Pop out right in front of the park and a 5 min. walk to the children’s museum.  OR Line 5 Achasan. Pop out at the rear of the park closer to the amusement park and the zoo.

By car, Took us about 20 min on our traffic-free trip. Prob more like 30-40 on a weekend. Parking available but you may have to wait a bit for it. There’s parking by the children’s museum and a small lot towards rear of the park. (See map below.) I’m sorry I usually use the GPS to get there and don’t have directions.

By cab,  You might have a hard time finding a cab willing to take you out here from Yongsan. (Two drivers refused me!)  If the international cabs refuse, just look for a regular one, cheaper anyway. Just give them the above address.


*Camel riding: 4,000won (kids), Pony riding: 3,000won (kids)

*Amusement park: 3,500 won per ride; 13,000 won for 5 rides; 20,000 won day pass (kids)

For more on fees see this website

*Stroller rental available!

Additional Resources:

Children’s Grand Park Website

Visit Korea Website

Kids Fun In Seoul Website


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