Luisenpark, Mannheim


Luisenpark, Mannheim |www.germanyja.comOur family had a wonderful time visiting Luisenpark in Mannheim over the weekend. It is only about a 45 minute drive from the Kaiserslautern area, so we are looking forward to many return trips.

It’s like a bunch of different parks all combined into one from the flowers gardens to the animal exhibits to the butterfly house to the Chinese garden to the Gondola rides. There are also playgrounds, a farm yard and water fountains for the children to enjoy. The park also has special exhibits and shows throughout the year. We were able to enjoy a walk through their lavender fields and see the Wild Planet photography show on display.

Luisenpark, Mannheim |www.germanyja.comI highly recommend starting your visit to the park with a Gondola ride. This will give you a great overview of the sights and fun activities to come. You will see fish and turtles in the water, a spectacular view of the Communication Tower and see flamingos as you float past Bird Island. Then depending on your interests, you can map out your day.Make sure to pick up a copy of the park guide at the entrance. There are also large maps on display throughout the park and signs to point you in the right direction.

Luisenpark, Mannheim |www.germanyja.comOne of my favorite spots to visit is the Plant Show House where you can walk through the aquarium, the butterfly house and the different plant rooms. There are plenty of snack stands, picnic areas and bathrooms located throughout the park. The stands offer reasonably priced drinks, ice cream and snacks. There are also restaurants and a wine bar in the park. There are plenty of parking areas located around the park, if you chose to drive there or it can be easily accessed with the local train line.

Luisenpark, Mannheim |
Luisenpark, Mannheim |www.germanyja.comInformation:


Tickets to the park are 6 euro for adults, 3 euro for children. They also have family rates and season passes.



Theodor Heuss-Anlage 2,
68165 Mannheim


From Kaiserslautern Area: Take the A6 Direction Mannheim. At the interchange 21, keep right and follow signs for A61 toward Karlsruhe/Ludwigshafen. At the interchange 60-Kreuz Ludwigshafen, keep right and follow signs for A650 toward Ludwigshafen. Continue onto B37. Take Bismarckstraße/B37, B38 and Lameystraße toKolpingstraße. Keep right to continue toward L7. Slight left onto L7. Turn right onto Bismarckstraße/B37. Turn left onto Kaiserring/B38. Turn right onto Lameystraße. Turn left onto Kolpingstraße

There are plenty of signs to point you in the right direction as you get closer to the park.


49.47893497070756 N
8.496506645507793 E


The park is open from 0900 at the telecommunications tower and the main entrance, from 1000 at the Lower Luis Park entrance. The last tickets are sold at 2100. You may leave the park at any time.

Phone: (06 21) 4 10 05 43

Payment: Cash only

**Only service dogs are allowed in the park.

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