How to Know You’re Going Native

How to Know You’re Going Native – Germany Edition


scarf collection | www.germanyja.com1) You scoff at the other shoppers in the grocery store checkout line when it becomes clear they’ve forgotten to bring a bag with them.

2) Sometime around May you put away your collection of winter scarves and get out your collection of summer scarves.

3) You stand at the crosswalk for ages waiting for it to turn green, and you don’t even think of just crossing on red, even though it’s the middle of the night and no cars are coming.

Apfelman |www.germanyja.com4) You start answering the telephone by just shouting your own last name.

5) You realize you have been eating pork just about every day of the week.

6) You have different types of glasses for different kinds of beer and you know you should never drink certain kinds straight out of the bottle.

bier collage | www.germanyja.com7) It seems totally reasonable to sit outside at a café in the dead of winter with a blanket on your lap, as long as the sun is out.

8) You have a favorite seat on the U-Bahn.

9) You would never just buy some old bread off the shelf in the grocery store when you could get much better bread fresh at the baker.

10) You see someone surreptitiously dumping their glass into the recycling bin on Sunday afternoon and give them the stink-eye.

11) You don’t keep your eggs in the fridge anymore.

12) You realize you’ve been ending English sentences with “oder?”

Duvet | www.germanyja.com13) You don’t have a flat sheet on your bed anymore, just a duvet and cover.

14) You go out for a walk in the pouring rain because that’s what one does on Sunday afternoon.

15) You’ve developed a firm, vigorous handshake.

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