Wok’s Tay Ho (Vietnamese/Chinese Restaurant), Stuttgart


Wok's Tay Ho Bun Ga Xao Xa Ot | www.germanyja.comYet again we found ourselves stumbling across a restaurant and being pleasantly surprised. It was reasonably full, and the meals that occupied the tables looked and smelled very appealing. So, we found a table outside and seated ourselves.

From what I could see, the restaurant only had about three tables located inside. They were a bit cramped and didn’t offer much privacy. It was nice weather, and we usually do prefer sitting outside, so, lucky for us, there were enough spots to choose from. I did read somewhere online that apparently there are more tables if you go upstairs. I’m not sure how true this is; but it could be! I suppose we weren’t observant enough.

The decor is pretty non-existent. The restaurant is rather plain and simple, but perfectly suitable for a cheap, casual bite when you’re hungry! The menu is large with a lot of variety, and has some pictures to help you decide (no English, so prepare to have your translating apps handy).

Wok's Tay Ho Satay | www.germanyja.com

We both ordered similar dishes, “bun ga xao xa ot” (number 73), which google translates to “lemongrass chili chicken”, which actually now surprises me because I don’t remember it being too hot. Definitely had the lemongrass flavour, which was delicious. My meal came with rice noodles and my boyfriend had rice. I enjoyed this main thoroughly. The flavours were magnificent, and I loved the nuts that were sprinkled over the top. If I go again, I am eighty percent sure that I will order the same thing.

We also ordered a satay chicken entree. Although the sauce wasn’t overly ‘peanutty’, the chicken pleasantly surprised me, as it was cooked in a way that I hadn’t experienced in a satay entree before.

We ordered one entree, two mains, and two drinks. Our bill came to €25,40.

It’s not overly difficult to find Wok’s Tay Ho. The address is Rathauspassage 7, Stuttgart. We walked from Stadtmitte S bahn station. It is also very close to the Rathaus U bahn stop. If you’re familiar with the city, it is virtually next to the Marktplatz. If you’re not, simple look up “Wok’s Tay Ho Stuttgart” on facebook, and their page will pop up. You can see a map with directions and even look at a few more foodie photos that they have taken.

Guten appetit!

Wok's Tay Ho Front | www.germanyja.comWok’s Tay Ho website


Rathauspassage 7
70173 Stuttgart


48.7745312 N 9.179050599999982 E


+49 711 2362958


Mon – Sat 11:00 – 22:30

Cash only
Vegetarian options
Take-away available

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