Seoul City Bus Tour: Double Decker Bus Tour

Editor’s Note: We have a post about the regular Seoul City Bus Tour; in this post, Amy and her son take an adventure on the double-decker bus to review for us here.


Fall in Korea is amazingly beautiful, so I always recommend to friends (especially newbies to Korea) to get outside as much as possible and enjoy it before the deep freeze of winter sets in.  Here is a great outdoor activity for you, while letting you see a lot of the city all at once with little effort!

DD Seoul City Bus Tour

My son & I took this tour over the summer; I knew about the regular city bus tours, but once or twice caught a glimpse of double decker buses, and was interested in finding out how to do one of those tours.   Usually in the summer, you cannot tear us away from the pool, but my son had minor surgery in July, and Dr.’s orders said “light activity” for two weeks.  I decided this bus tour would be the perfect way to get us out into the city without overexerting him.

DD Seoul City Bus Tour

We caught the bus at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, right across the street from the Doota building.  From the subway, take exit 1.  When you come out of the station and the plaza, look for the Doota building, and head that way.  You should see a city bus stop, with a RED circle (instead of green or blue for the regular city buses).  When we arrived, we got there just in time for a bus that was getting ready to set out.  If there is NOT a bus there, just wait, and in about 30 minutes, another will come.  There are several buses that are running the route daily.  When you get on the bus, you will pay the driver 15,000W for adults, 10,000W for children (under 18).

DD Seoul City Bus Tour

Once we got settled, a tour guide approached us with wristbands, which serve as your ticket, definitely necessary if you choose to get on and off the bus.  You can get on and off as you please, but there were only a couple of places that this bus actually stopped and let people on and off: Gwanghwamun square and Jongno, near Jonggak station.  The guide on the bus also asked us if there was anything specific we wanted to see on the tour.

DD Seoul City Bus Tour

One interesting part of our tour, which made it extra unique, was a group of “Tourist Police” filming a television spot on that tour.  It definitely made things fun.  I even got interviewed!

DD Seoul City Bus Tour

The tour hit several points of interest in Seoul…..not ALL the biggies that the regular Seoul City Bus Tour goes to, but enough that I felt like we had a great tour of the city.

DD Seoul City Bus Tour

DD Seoul City Bus Tour

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