Residence Leon d'Oro, Prague


Residence Leon d'Oro, PragueIt’s never easy to book a large room in Europe.  When I searched for a hotel in Prague that was appropriate for us, a child, and my adult stepdaughter to share a room, it was slim pickins–and this being in Easter Market season didn’t help.  I was pleased, then, to find Residence Leon d’Oro (, located not far from Old Town.


Large enough; one of the beds was in a separate, closed room

Excellent breakfast buffet in a lovely room

Located on the charming street of the outdoor market Havelske Trziste (Havel’s Market), where souvenirs, toys, and fresh produce were sold, many at cheaper prices than in town

Well situated for the Old Town side of the river, between Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square


Multi-lingual staff (languages we witnessed included English, Romanian, and German)


It was not a quiet location, so our sleep was fitful.  I would not have called our particular room soundproof.

The foyer doorway reeked of smoke.  The residence itself is non-smoking and the room was fine, but as soon as you step into the doorway of the hotel, you know where everyone goes to smoke.


Havelska 29, 11000 Praha

Coordinates: 50.0859224 N 14.422192099999961 E

Phone: +420 224 282 010

Residence Leon d’Oro website


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