Primavera Mexican Restaurant, Kaiserslautern


Primavera Mexican Restaurant Einsiedlerhof, Germany| www.germanyja.comThere is no shortage of Mexican restaurants in the Kaiserslautern/Einsiedlerhof area. It also seems like they keep springing up, vying for the top spot in the hearts of those who are looking for the perfect salsa, margarita, enchilada, quesadilla, or tostada. Primavera is jumping into the fray looking for to be your tasty favorite.

Located in Einsiedlerhof it’s conveniently located between K-town and Ramstein, in an industrial type of area. The restaurant has plenty of space – indoor, outdoor, bar area, lounge, booths, tables and a larger party room, all decorated with Mexican kitsch.

Primavera Mexican Restaurant Einsiedlerhof, Germany| www.germanyja.comFrom our visit and polling some others who have visited, I’ve gathered these anecdotal notes:

  • High marks on the fajitas from a legit fajita expert.
  • If you are a fan of heat, try the jalapeno margarita. It’s a nice reverse of sensations to get the spice from your drink instead of using the drink to temper the food. I will be coming back for this drink!
  • The chicken quesadilla was more pollo than queso, but our expert taster still enjoyed it.
  • If you like sour cream, you will not be disappointed. Sour cream and lots of it on many of their dishes.
  • More high marks on the enchilada. The taster concentrated on eating and not talking so we have few details on this one.
  • Plus: Free! chips and salsa at your table once you are seated. Minus (for some): the salsa was very mild.
  • I had a combination plate with a chalupa and burrito. Combinations come with rice, beans and salad. I enjoyed it all, and the favorite thing on my plate was the burrito.
  • The Azteca burrito was fine. Nothing to write home about. “I’ll order something different next time,” said the eater.

Primavera Mexican Restaurant Einsiedlerhof, Germany| www.germanyja.comThere are lunch specials and daily specials as well. You can get one item, beans and rice with lunch special #1 for €4.50. The daily specials include all you can eat specials and two-for-one drinks. The total bill for two adults for a burrito, combo plate, and two drinks was under €30.00.

For those of you in search of your favorite Mexican restaurant in the K-town area, make sure you try Primavera before casting your vote.

Primavera Mexican Restaurant Einsiedlerhof, Germany| www.germanyja.comTips for your trip:



Primavera Mexican Restaurant
Liebigstrasse 5
6761 Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof

GPS coordinates:

49.4337303552218 N 7.669625998178162E


Free street side parking, with few other establishments nearby competing for spots.


Monday – Thursday: 1000 – 2300
Friday – Saturday: 1000 – 0000
Sunday: 1000 – 2300

They take Visa, American Express and Mastercard, American dollars and Euros.

Primavera website 

Primavera facebook page 

Primavera Mexican Restaurant Einsiedlerhof, Germany|

Other Mexican restaurants in the area:

Cantina Mexicana Mexican; Einsiedlerhof (KMC)
Mingo’s Mexican; Kaiserslautern
Taco Kidd Mexican; Kaiserslautern

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