A Happy Sock Story


Friends, it’s time for a little confession. I am addicted to socks. Korean socks. You know, the socks you see everywhere with random pictures on them like this:


And this (can you find what is “not quite right” in this pair?)


Our first tour in Korea, I bought some because they were so fun and unique, but I wasn’t terribly obsessed with them. Then we went back to the states, and I realized that US socks are way less fun and not as comfortable either. Now that I have a second chance here, my goal is to stockpile enough socks so that I would never have to buy another pair of socks for as long as I live when we leave. As in ever.

To put that into perspective, when we leave Korea I will be just shy of 40. Assuming I live to be 80ish, that means I will not buy any socks in the next 40 years.

I haven’t counted how many pairs I have. But it is a lot. I have a drawer full that I am currently wearing, and am working on building a big reserve stash. (I haven’t quite decided just how many I need to last me for the next 40 years, but I know this is not enough! Haha!)


They are so comfortable. And how can you resist the designs?!

My favorite place to buy them is… well… everywhere I see them! They are in just about every market, every district, and every store. Even the PX has a small assortment in the front lobby now!


The best sock store, though, is in Dongdaemun. Come out of exit 7 at Dongdaemun station (line 1 or line 4), do a little U-turn, and it is just ahead on your left. If you are in Dongdaemun already, and are familiar with the area, this store is diagonally across the street from the Doota store, away from the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. If you cannot find at least 10 pairs here that you must buy, then you are not even trying! The best part? They have a large selection that is only 500 or 600W, compared to the usual 1,000W.



This store also has pajamas, tights & leggings for those cold winter days, hosiery, undergarments, and a large selection of bulk socks (helpful if you have a large family or are buying for a class, team, etc.). I admit I had to giggle when I saw these in the tights selection.

There is also a selection of slippers. My personal favorite is this black pair, which is so comfortable and soft! And warm!! Your feet will thank you this winter when you slide these on!


I am not quite sure what the obsession is with these cute Korean socks, but I have certainly fallen in love with them too!  You can even buy them from a vending machine! I saw this one at the Lotte World Mall.


So there you have it! A Happy Sock Story! I hope you enjoyed reading this and are now inspired to build your own collection of socks! They make great presents to send “back home” too!

4 thoughts on “A Happy Sock Story

  1. Kelly says:

    This cracks me up, girl. If I run into you 20 years from now, I’m gonna do a sock check and see if they lasted. Hopefully you’ll be sporting some Gangnam Style socks.


  2. amy says:

    Thanks! It’s a great little store right in the heart of Dongdaemun! Just around the corner from Toy Alley if you are taking your little guy along with you!


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