Photo of the Week: German Forest


German forest | www.germanyja.comThis is one of my favorite close-to-home activities in Germany: lace up your shoes or boots and start hiking! The forests of Germany are filled with mazes of footpaths. One third of Germany is forested, making it one of the most heavily wooded countries in the world. The Black Forest in Germany is the most famous, but you can find great hiking spots all over the country.

Note: This is the newest photograph in our Photo of the Week category on Germany Ja! Do you have a picture that says “This is Germany” and want to share it with us? It can be a place, a person, a plate of food… whatever says “Germany” to you. We don’t need a lot of words to go with it, because a picture is worth… well, you know! If you have a picture to share, send it to submissions Danke!

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