Melekler Cafe – Turkish Coffee with a Twist

Melekler Cafe
Do you love Turkish coffee?  Would you like to have your fortune read by a Turkish fortuneteller?  If you are anything like me, someone who loves to soak in the full Turkey experience, then you must go to “Fiden ‘in yeri: Melekler Cafe” for a reading!  While we were out exploring New Adana, we came across this great little coffee shop located on the main strip of Turgut Ozal Buluari (Blvd of Angels).  The atmosphere was lively and the waitstaff was very nice.  Plus, it is a great location to relax, drink coffee, and people watch!
Melekler Cafe
Melekler Cafe
I had no idea that by ordering a cup of Turkish coffee my fortune (good or bad) would be determined by how well the thick, chocolate, “residue” at the bottom of the cup would come off onto the saucer – AND of course how well I picked my taro cards.  Who knew? In addition to Turkish coffee, they also offer traditional çay and a variety of other beverages.  If you want some sweets to compliment your coffee or tea, their baklava is amazing!
Melekler Cafe                 Melekler Cafe
Melekler Cafe is surrounded by so many great eats and shopping.  Mado’s Restaurant is right next door, so if you would like to eat a full meal, that is also a great place to grab a bite to eat. Parking maybe a little difficult to find, but there is free street parking on the main boulevard.  We were lucky to find a parking spot at one of the side streets two blocks away.

Payment:  Credit Card, TL

Phone:  0322 999 4300
Address:  Turgut Ozal Bul.A.Kerim Akay Apt. No: 34/C/Adana
Google Coordinates:37.000000, 35.321333

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