Henny Fried Chicken




A friend of mine told me about Henny Fried Chicken in Adana. She told me that it was delicious and that she especially loved the fries. So, with a vague idea of where it was located, my family and I headed out on a Saturday afternoon to check this chicken place out.

Henny (1)Henny (2)

My friend was right; Henny’s Chicken is delicious! It is fresh and mostly made-to-order. Ordering was a breeze because the menu consists of bright, colorful pictures with the meal name next to it. I was able to pronounce each meal that I ordered with ease. Plus, many of the employees speak a bit of English.

Henny (3)

I ordered the chicken sandwich meal which included fries, a canned drink and two dipping sauces. I ordered my daughter the chicken leg meal which included two crispy chicken legs, fries, a canned drink and a dinner roll.

Henny (5)Henny (6)

Pricing is similar to chicken places in the states, like KFC. My meal cost 12.50TL and my daughters’ meal cost 11.50TL. Not a bad deal for all the food we got!

Henny (4)

We found parking alongside the right of the road that the restaurant is located on (it’s a one-way street). I pulled right behind another car and there were white chains to right of the car. I figured it was a good place to park, but I was wrong. I had unintentionally blocked another car in that was parked BEHIND the white chain. I had no idea that the shop owners would place and remove the chains for their patrons. So, beware when parking along this street – do not park in front of white chains as they are not permanent and you may end up blocking other cars in. You can also park on Atatürk Cd. and then walk to Henny’s since it’s just one block away.

Henny (8)

Payment: Credit Cards & TL

Website: Henny Fried Chicken

Phone: 0322 454 2800

Hours: Mon-Sun 11:15am – 9:30pm

Address: Cemalpaşa Mh., Ethem Ekin Sokak (2. Sk.), 01000 Adana, Turkey

Coordinates: 36.999433, 35.324733

10 thoughts on “Henny Fried Chicken

  1. Larissa says:

    That’s interesting to hear because as you can see from the picture, there was no one else there except for us that day! LOL I guess it just depends on the day and time that you go. When did you go so that others can avoid the rush?


  2. Tuti says:

    After living in Adana for 7 months, I finally went to eat at Henny’s chicken. I have to say…it’s better than KFC or any fried chicken joint I’ve ever been to stateside. Pretty yummy!


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