Yildizoğlu Künefe – Dessert Café


Yildizoglu Kunefe


I am really enjoying my time here in Turkey and there’s not much I won’t try – even if it’s just once! However,  when I first tried künefe I wish someone had taken a picture of my face as this new dessert was placed in front of me. Needless to say, “appetizing” nor “delicious” were my first thoughts.

Künefe is a Turkish dessert made with two layers of shredded phyllo dough (think shredded wheat), baked crispy, with a soft stretchy white cheese in between the layers and drenched in warm honey/syrup. Sometimes it’s served with goats milk ice cream on top.


On my first few encounters with künef, I politely refused to try this dessert solely based on its look. It wasn’t until we visited this neat, little künefe restaurant called Yildizoğlu Künefe that I actually tried künefe and was instantly hooked! Künefe is a traditional dessert in Turkey and in this region of the world, so it is easily found at other local bakeries and restaurants. Künefe is not specific to Yildizoğlu Künefe; however, they are really good at making it.

Yildizoglu Kunefe


Now, whenever we eat dinner in New Adana, my husband doesn’t have to convince me to stop by Yildizoğlu Künefe afterwards for dessert – it’s an easy sell.  The café-style environment is quaint, with indoor and outdoor seating. Çay is always served alongside of the künefe, which is typical since it’s a Turkish tradition.


There are three different Yildizoğlu Künefe locations in Adana, but my favorite location is in New Adana on Toros Cad, near Bonjour (the frame and canvas shop). Künefe costs 7TL, and other desserts at Yildizoğlu Künefe vary in cost, but none exceeding 10TL.

Yildizoglu Kunefe


Parking is usually really easy to find on the street. We haven’t had a problem finding parking, even on weekends and evenings, and we have never paid when we park close to the restaurant. However, if you have to park closer towards Bonjour, you might be charged 1-2TL to park.

If you would like to read more about künefe and copy the recipe, click here to view a great blog I came across.

Payment: TL preferred, but they will accept credit cards for large orders.

Hours: 12:00pm – mindnight

Website: Yildizoğlu Künefe

Phone: 0322 457 8465

Address: Cemalpaşa Mh., Toros Caddesi, 01000 Adana, Turkey

Coordinates: 37.002408, 35.331471

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