The Piccadilly English Shop in Stuttgart


Piccadilly English Shop, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comCan’t afford a trip to London, but you want your picture taken with Princess Kate? Do you love tea (maybe with a little or a lot of Whiskey in it)? Can’t go more than a few weeks without salt and vinegar chips? Then the Piccadilly English Shop is the place for you.

This shop carries all things English. From the quintessential English tea cups, complete with frilly flowers, to memorabilia of the royal family, to fresh and processed foods, to an absolutely huge selection of whiskeys. As you walk in, consider taking a picture of yourself with a life-sized cardboard cut-out of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Piccadilly English Shop, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comThere are plenty of opportunities to buy gifts inside. They offer quite a few colorful children’s books as well as a whole wall of novels, as well as coffee table books on the English theme, of course. I was pleasantly surprised to find a whole display of Halloween activity books for kids on our last visit.

The food selection is massive. Of course, I tend to gravitate towards the snacks. You can choose from a great variety of English and American candies, cookies, chips (crisps), and loads of beer, both cold from the fridge or room-temperature off the shelf. They have several kinds of lemon curd (a childhood favorite of mine, and don’t you dare tell me marmalade is just as good. It’s not!). I bought an award-winning brand last time and was very pleased with the taste, but maybe less pleased with how fast I emptied the jar and wanted more.

Piccadilly English Shop, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comThey carry real English teas, the shortbread you need to eat while you’re drinking those teas, and the baking ingredients for making your own English foods if you prefer. They also carry things you just won’t find in other stores. If you can’t live without HP sauce or Marmite (no judgment!), you’ll find it here. They also have American Oreo’s! The prices are higher than you’d pay at home, but that’s because these are imported items. If you have a particular craving, I think it’s worth the investment.

The store hosts whiskey tastings a couple of times a year, but they’re not cheap. The last one was listed at 49 Euros per person. That did include quite a few very nice whiskies and a buffet, though. If you have a whiskey enthusiast in the family, I think this would make a great birthday or Christmas present.

Piccadilly English Shop, Stuttgart |

Tips for Your Trip:

Piccadilly English Shop website


Monday – Saturday 1000 – 1900



Schellingstr. 11
70174 Stuttgart

GPS Coordinates:

48.7806665 N 9.175023900000042 E

There is a Heidelberg Location as well!

Piccadilly English Shop
Plöck 5
69117 Heidelberg


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