Mimoza Café



I am a big food connoisseur and there is nothing I love more than to enjoy delicious food in a restaurant with an amazing view!  I guess you can say I am a hopeless romantic.  Mimoza Café is the only place I have found in Adana that just flows with tranquility.


The magnificent serene landscapes of the Seyhan Baraji (Reservoir) and Fork Bridge will make you want to stay all day.  On a beautiful afternoon, sitting outside on the patio would be ideal.  However, if you chose to go on a day that might be a little chilly there is also a nice indoor seating area.



The menu includes a tempting array of appetizers, such as mini lahmacun (thin Turkish-style pizza prepared with minced meat and spices), as well as excellent kebabs and meat dishes.  The house special and most popular dish is the grilled catch of the day from Deniz (meaning “sea” in Turkish).  All their main dishes were served family style with a variety of salads and fresh hot Turkish bread (which was all included in the price of the main entrée).

Mimoza                      Mimoza

Mimoza                                   Mimoza

The prices were fairly reasonable.  The grilled whole fish was around 22 TL (that is cheap for fresh fish!) and the Adana kabap costs 8 TL. Alcoholic drink options include beer, wine, and a small menu of mix drinks. They also serve non-alcoholic beverages as well.  After your meal, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy some hot Turkish coffee or çay.  The wait staff were all very friendly; We never felt like they were rushing us out the door.  We could have probably stayed until closing, if we wanted too.




If you have small children, have no fear.  The restaurant has a great outdoor playground for the kids to play on while you enjoy your delicious meal and soak in the extraordinary views!


Payment: Credit Cards and TL

Website: Mimoza Cafe on Foursquare

Hours:  Brunch, Lunch & Dinner

Address:  Batı Köprüsü, Adana, Turkey

Coordinates: 37.070360, 35.271021

*Free valet parking right in front of the restaurant

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