Urban/Trail Hiking


Urban Trail

We recently had a 4 day weekend, and decided to spend one of the days going on a family hike. We didn’t want to make a full day of it, so that meant it had to be something close by, and we also wanted something fairly moderate, not too difficult. My husband said he had a great idea, as there was a trail nearby he had run one morning with a friend that was about 5 miles. Perfect! He showed me the general area on a map, and the next morning we all packed up our backpacks, dressed in layers, and off we went!

*Special Note: This trail is not stroller friendly. There are a lot of stairs. It is not terribly strenuous – I would say it is a moderate hike, so it is kid friendly, but they need to be able to walk it, or adults need to be prepared to carry them in a carrier for part (or all) of the hike.

We started our journey on a short train ride, heading from Ichon station (line 4) to Sadang Station (line 2). At Sadang station, we came out of exit 14, and walked straight for about a mile. Here begins your “urban” part of the hike!

Urban Trail Hike

After about a mile, you will come to a trailhead (stairs) and a sign for Bangbae Neighborhood Park. This is the first trail portion of the hike.

Urban Trail Hike


Head up the stairs, and follow the trail through this park. It isn’t long, but you will get a great view early on like this:

Urban Trail Hike

As you come to the end of this forest trail, you’ll see a large workout area, complete with a tennis court. As you pass ths, veer off to the right and this begins another section of your urban hiking.

Urban Trail Hike

Coming out of the forest:

Urban Trail Hike

At the intersection, turn right and head down that road:

Urban Trail Hike

At the next intersection, you will be at Bangbae train station. You will want to cross, and cross, the road. Basically, get diagonally across the street. Look for the KFC. Get there.

Urban Trail Hike

Facing the KFC, go right, and you will soon come to a Temple looking area. It is actually a burial site.

Urban Trail Hike

Turn left just before the temple, and follow the wall until the road forks. Take the right fork.


You will walk towards the apartment buildings until you come to this set of stairs. This is the entrance into the 2nd part of the trail hike!


Follow those steps all the way up, and at the top, as if that wasn’t hard enough, there will be another exercise zone.   You can see my son still had some energy left after the climb.

Urban Trail Hike

I, on the other hand, felt more like this at the top:

Urban Trail Hike

There is another trail map here; we followed Trail A, which took us all the way to the Express Bus Terminal.

Urban Trail Hike

There are also a lot of trail signs like this along the way on this trail. Follow the signs to “Silk Bridge” and then “Express Bus Terminal.”


It is a peaceful forest trail, and when you are almost to the silk bridge, you come to an open park that is a nice spot to stop for a snack (or to let the little ones you have carried run for a bit!)!

Urban Trail Hike

When you make it to the Silk Bridge, you are getting close! I won’t spoil what the bridge looks like, it is a fun surprise, but this is a view from the bridge:

Urban Trail Hike

When you cross the bridge, go right, and continue on the trail following signs for the bus terminal. When you reach the end of the trail, you will see another bridge. Cross it and you will be right between the Shinsegae/Central City Mall (on your left) and the Flower Market Building (on your right).

Urban Trail Hike

We timed our hike to finish right at lunch time, and went to Johnny Rockets in the Shinsegae Food Court. Yummy! Perfect way to end a hike!

Urban Trail Hike

I hope that your family can make it to this little hike sometime. We really enjoyed it and would love to do it again!

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