Pororo Park (D-Cube City)


Pororo Park Characters

Pororo Park is a fun kids’ play area based on a popular Korean cartoon character named Pororo, a fun loving penguin, and the adventures he has with his friends. For kids who are fans of the show, they will recognize the play version of Pororo’s house and other scenes throughout the park.

Pororo Park House

There is a ball pit, a bouncing area, a sand room, live shows, a tunnel and slide section, and plenty of places for photo ops.

Pororo Park Ballpit

Pororo Park Snowball

At certain times, a fun train ride is available (times posted inside the park).

Pororo Park Train

They also have craft and cooking classes, interactive video screens, a food cafe, and a toddler play area with a few of Pororo’s cartoons playing.

Pororo Park Video


Weekdays : 10:30 am ~ 8:30 pm (last admittance at 6:30)

Weekends : Saturday 10:30 am ~ 9:30 pm (last admittance at 7:30)

Sunday 10:30 am ~ 8:30 pm (last admittance at 6:30)

Admission Fee (for 2 hours):

Children (1–13 years) –16,000 KRW (1000 KW for each additional 10 minutes)

Adults –6,000 KRW (500 KW for each additional 10 minutes)

**timed using entry wristbands

**Handicapped persons and persons of national merit (veterans etc.) are entitled to a 50% discount (for themselves only)

Website: http://www.dcubecity.com/opot/ (English option)

Phone: (02) 1661 – 6340

Address:  349-61 Sindorim-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Google Maps Coordinates: 37.5090947, 126.89030690000004


Seoul Subway Line 1, Sindorim Station, Exit 1

Turn left at the subway exit and you will see direct access to the D-Cube Dept. Store. Use the first entrance on the left (going down a short ramp), walk straight to the end of the hall, and use the elevators to go to the 4th Floor. Follow the cartoon pictures of Pororo around and to the left for the entrance desk.

One thought on “Pororo Park (D-Cube City)

  1. Bano says:

    Hi, quick question, do you know if you can host birthday parties there? My 4 year old to be loves Pororo and I thought this kids cafe would be fun!


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