African or Curly Hair Care Options Around Camp Humphries: Kim’s Hair

Editor’s Note: The information below was originally published in our post about African or Curly Hair Care Options Around Camp Humphries. Sibo discovered that the salon below has since closed in its Osan-based location but has reopened near Camp Humphries. We wanted to make sure this information was still available to those of you for whom this information might be valuable! If anyone knows of any other resources available in this area, please leave your comments below.


Walking around in July in the Sinjang shopping area just outside Osan AB, I noticed a large sign with a black woman with braids on it that read Kim’s hair. Up to this point I had seen many salons, but none for my hair type so I excitedly followed the sign, walked up the stairs and, voila! There was a hair salon for black hair! In Songtan!

Songtan ethnic hair MISS KIM SIGN -sibo lungu

Ms. Kim is a Korean woman who apparently does black hair. She does relaxers, styling, washing, blow-drying, and deep conditioning treatments; the normal salon stuff. The pricing was reasonable; everything under Won100, some under Won50. She does weaves as well, which led me to ask her about hair extensions. I hadn’t seen any hair stores around. I asked her about that and she showed me her small supply in the back but continued by saying that I am better off buying hair online because it all comes from China anyway. Yvonne, my braiding lady, had told me the same thing. Another reason I like Korea: Miss Kim nor Yvonne weren’t about to rip me off just to sell their stuff. What Miss Kim had was a one 100g bundle of human hair – 16inches for Won100! Yikes!

I have not yet used her services, but I looked through her portfolio of happy customers. Many of them looked like military spouses and members who had gotten formal styles or up-dos for military functions. If I needed styling, this is where I would come. Not because it is the only option, but judging from the photos, she does a good job. Also, the salon is spacious, airy, and she was friendly.

Kim's Hair


Kim's Hair

Hours: 10:00-20:00 

Phone: 031)667-7589 OR 101-6260-9906

Editor’s Note: It appears that this salon is not open daily. Please call ahead before heading over.

Address: 41-207 Anjeong-ri, Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Google Maps Coordinates: 36.9620579, 127.04355409999994

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