Incirlik Ekmek Ve Unlu Bakery




Upon arrival to Incirlik, the Incirlik Bakery, or Incirlik Ekmek Ve Unlu, was one of my very first places that I visited. I am so thankful for knowledgeable neighbors at Incirlik! Within my first week, they took me to all the ‘essential places’ in Incirlik Village. These essential places being the Sunday and Thursday markets, the ‘firan’ or local fire oven, and the Incirlik Bakery (Incirlik Ekmek Ve Unlu).

Incirlik bakery3

The bakery is located in the village, not far from the main gate. When you leave the gate, take the first possible left. Follow the street (which is also the street for the Thursday market), until it dead ends, and then take a right. The bakery will be on the right a few buildings down.


We arrived to Incirlik in the summer time, and during the summer, the bakery has a frozen drink/slushy machine outside for only .50 korus a cup! On a hot day after a shopping trip at the nearby Thursday market, these drinks taste so much better than they probably are, but on those hot Turkey summer days, you can’t convince me that there is anything better to drink!


Walking into the bakery, there is a beautiful selection of cakes and desserts. I do not know how they do it everyday, but these cakes are absolutely stunning. Each cake looks like a work of art! Some do not prefer the taste of Turkish cake because the taste and consistency are very different than that of American cakes. I personally love the price – for a small cake, about 7-10TL and a larger cake, 20TL. On Valentine’s Day last year, I stopped by to get a cake for my husband, and they had little heart shaped cakes for only 5TL.

Incirlik bakery1


They also sell a wide range of Turkish bread, baked goods and desserts – Fresh loaves of bread can be purchased for about .50-70 korus (less than 1TL). Baklava, borek and tatla ekmek (sweet bread) are my really good here, but my absolute favorite is on the bottom shelf – the chocolate pudding! It doesn’t look very impressive sitting there on the bottom shelf. It’s very unassuming, but it’s not just pudding! It’s a layer of chocolate mousse, cake and pudding. I almost hesitate blogging about it, because I am afraid there won’t be any there the next time I stop by the bakery, but it’s just too good not to share!


 I’ll let the photos speak for themselves – it’s not expensive, the staff is very nice (some speak more English than others).

Hours: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Payment: Credit cards are accepted, but TL is preferred.

Address: İncirlik Cumhuriyet Mh., Okul Sokak, 01220 Adana/Adana

GPS Coordinates: 36.987831, 35.435959

One thought on “Incirlik Ekmek Ve Unlu Bakery

  1. Tuti says:

    I love this bakery! I go there all the time to buy sweets for potlucks, dinner parties, etc. Of course, their fresh hot french bread is amazing!


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