Noodle1 (Vietnamese Restaurant), Stuttgart


Noodle1, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comNoodle1 is a perfect place to go for a quiet, romantic night – or even a nice night out with your friends. Not the cheapest Asian restaurant around, but the atmosphere and delicious tastes quite easily make up for that. My boyfriend and I arrived at roughly 6PM on Sunday night, and the place was almost completely full. The only two seats available were some bar stools next to the front window – but that suited us perfectly. We had a view of the outside street and still had a touch of romance gleaming from the lit tea-light candle and gorgeous flowers that were on the table.

We each ordered a drink – him, a beer, of course, and me, some mango saft. Saying I would go back again for simply the mango juice would probably not be a false statement. The only thing that perhaps would have made it a little better is if it were more chilled. But I might be the only one wishing for that on a night as cold as that was (the restaurant was nicely heated, though!).

Being the foodies we are, we also ordered an entree. A serving of WAN-TAN (deep-fried wan-tan with shrimp and chicken filling, with chili sweet sour sauce). Four wan-tans for €4,90. They were very yummy, and came presented very well.

Noodle1, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comI ordered SÚP GÀ CÀRI – (€12,50) – (curry noodle soup with chicken, vegetables and chili – hot). I did ask for it to not be too spicy… “nicht so scharf, bitte…” but it still came back with a fair bit of bite. I was very glad for my delicious mango juice. This is not to say that my soup wasn’t enjoyable! The flavour was amazing, and even though I had to have a tissue on handy to wipe my nose more than a few times, it was immensely enjoyable.

My boyfriend ordered BUN THIT NUONG (€11,50) – (chicken breast marinated with lemon on salad of warm rice noodles, carrots, straw, bean sprouts, herbs and salted peanuts in Nuoc Mam vinaigrette). His was not spicy in the slightest, so we shared halfway through when he got tired of my constant nose blowing. His was more of a sweet soy flavour while mine was coconut milk based. Each schmeckt gut!

I’d definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to have a nice meal. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the menu has English translations. The portions aren’t so huge, so you don’t leave feeling guilty and over-stuffed. This just means you have some room to grab an ice-cream cone before heading home!

You can get to Noodle1 quite easily. We walked from Stadtmitte Sbahn station, but the Ubahns Rathaus and Osterreichischer Platz are closer, if you don’t feel like walking.

Guten appetit!

Noodle1, Stuttgart | www.germanyja.comTips For Your Trip:

Noodle1 website


Wilhelmsplatz 1
70182 Stuttgart


0711/86 02 01 86


Monday – Wednesday
11:30 – 23:00 clock

Thursday and Friday
11:30 – 23:30 clock

13:00 – 23:30 clock

Sunday and holidays
13:00 – 22:00 clock

No reservations

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