Kayataş Hotel in Cappadocia



Name of hotel: Kayataş Hotel

Does the hotel have a website? http://www.kayatashotel.com

How did you find this hotel? booking.com –  It got great reviews, and had great prices, especially for the summer season!


What time of year did you stay at this hotel? Would you recommend this time frame to others?  We stayed in August. It was nice. Only recommendation I have is to take a fan. It is warm in August, and they don’t have AC, but with the fan it was fine.

What did you think of the hotel’s location?  The location was great. It was in walking distance of all of the restaurants and shops.


What type of room did you have? We stayed in a family suite. The rooms were amazing. It was everything we thought a cave hotel would be and expected.

 Did the hotel have family rooms available?  Yes and they had a few different ones to pick from.


Were the beds comfortable? Was the room clean and were the linens freshly laundered?  Yes it was clean and the beds were very comfortable.

Would you or did you bring your family? Yes, we did bring our family. And with the great prices for a family room, it makes a very affordable place to bring a family, large or small.

Was the hotel quiet? Yes very quiet.

Did the hotel have complementary breakfast? A typical Turkish breakfast was provided.

Did the hotel have a pool? No


Was the hotel staff friendly? Did they speak English? Yes very friendly and they spoke English.

Were pets allowed in this hotel: No

Price range of the hotel:  The family room was 95 dollars in August, but during other times of the year, you can get a rate of $75. The other rooms range in price from $35-$65 for a double room.


Other comments/reviews: (example, the hotel had a great view of the hot air balloons!) The hotel staff members were very accommodating and offered to help with anything we needed or wanted to do. They were very knowledgable about the area, and offered great tips to make our stay in Cappadocia very enjoyable. Some things they offered as a hotel:

Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia Tours, Airport Transfers, Turkish Night Show, Whirling Dervish Ceremony, Turkish Bath (HAMAM), Rent a scooter and bicycle, ATV Tours, Horseback Riding Tour, Natural Hot Spring,  Hiking Tours, And more…!


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