The Forest School 숲 (Sup) – Korean Language Preschool (Yongsan)

Editor’s Note: This information about The Forest School first appeared on this post about Yongsan preschool options. In order to keep the conversations more coherent, we’ve closed comments on that original post and separated all school reviews to their own posts. If your child has or is currently attending this program, please feel free to leave your input here so other parents can make an informed decision. Thanks!


The Forest School  — 숲  (Sup)

This school is a very unique school in that it is all outdoors.  Kids learn by exploring and interacting with their natural environment.  The forest is literally their classroom.  The school is a year round program and I’m told children even prefer the winter season to the summer.  There are some structures…tent-like buildings where the kids eat, change clothes, build stuff, etc. The school is about a 40-min drive from base, but only about 15-20 on their school bus using the bus lanes.  The bus picks up kids near Hannam Village.

Kids are separated by age group, but encouraged to follow their interests and learn at their own pace.  While there is a lot of freedom, the day is not totally unstructured.  In the mornings, kids get off the bus and eat then go off on a hike with their teacher(s) and do activities like building forts, collecting bugs, etc.  They come back down the mountain and have lunch.  (Much of the food is grown at the school.)  Then they are free to play in the stream, climb trees, etc.  They have someone come once a week to teach the kids about plants, someone come to do Korean music with them, an English teacher to hang out and speak in English with them…  The school is Korean, but one of the teachers speaks good English and one speaks German.  Several of the kids speak English very well.

Parent Take:  PROS  My child LOVES this school.  Everyday he comes home with a backpack full of berries he picked, or wooden tools he made, or bugs…and lots of dirty clothes.  He says he doesn’t learn anything; he just plays, but at the park he knows to warn me of holes in the trees that have yellow around them, “’cause that’s where hornets live”.  Or he says he climbed a mountain so high he started crying…but he did it.  He accomplished it.  CONS  This school may not be for everybody.  There’s not a focus on traditional academics.  And it’s a little freaky at first to go there and see kids wandering around on their own, seemingly unsupervised.  (But if you hang around an afternoon and just watch, you’ll see that the teachers (and the kids) know what’s going on.)  Also, it’s expensive. 

However, if you have a highly active child or want your child to have a non-threatening Korean preschool experience (you can hang out at the school all day if you want), this is a great option.

Contact: 02) 3462-8077 (Korean only, but they may be able to find an English speaker.)  

Website:  (Korean only) 
(For more about Forest Kindergartens, read this:

Ages: I’ll double check, but I think it’s American age 3yo-6yo

Hours:  Hannam Bus drop-off is 9:05 am.  Pickup 3:10-3:15

Cost:  800,000 tuition +1 00,000 bus fee = 900,000/month.  No registration fee.  Okay to pay by month or for child to attend for a few months.  Discount if pay 3 months at a time.  No waiting list!

For all you parents looking for a preschool that suits your kids, we’re hoping to add a little something to aid in your search. Parents of children who attend various preschools here in Korea have filled out a series of questions about the schools for the benefit of the rest of us. We welcome more than one voice on each school since everyone has a different experience, so please feel free to add in your two cents in the comments.

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One thought on “The Forest School 숲 (Sup) – Korean Language Preschool (Yongsan)

  1. Christina says:

    This sounds like an excellent school. The trouble is, it’s not on the map. Could you post the full Korean name or location? Thank you!


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