St. Paul’s Well in Tarsus, Turkey


St Paul's Well

Planning a day trip to Tarsus?  Why not visit St. Paul’s Well?  The well, located in the county town of Tarsus in the neighborhood of Kizilmurat, it is just north of the Republican Square, in the region where old Tarsus houses are concentrated. It can be found in a courtyard that is widely-accepted to be the birthplace of St. Paul the Apostle, also known as St. Paul’s well. The well is the only remnant of a house where St. Paul is believed to have lived, though stone walls that were discovered during excavations for the area are also believed to be part of this original structure.

St Paul's Well

The well is about 38 meters deep.  I was told that the water never lessens in the summer and winter time, so whatever season you decide to visit the well, there will always be plenty of water for you to drink. The well is considered sacred; its water is drunk by Christians who pass from the region to Jerusalem during a hajj.

St Paul's Well

St Paul's Well


The cost to enter the courtyard and drink from the well is 5TL.  I personally drank from the well and the water wasn’t quite bad – and the good news is I didn’t get sick!



St Paul's Well

St Paul's Well

St Paul's Well

St. Paul’s Well is situated in a quaint little town in Tarsus.  There are a lot of restaurants around for your dining pleasure or gift shops to browse through.

St Paul's Well

If you are in the area, I would recommend stopping for a visit.  It’s a great little historical site.  There is plenty of parking spaces right outside of the gate and there is no charge for parking.

Admission:  5 TL

Address:  Kızılmurat Mh., 2710. Sk, 33400 Tarsus/Mersin Province, Turkey

Parking is free

GPS Coordinates: 36.804157, 34.62401090000003

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