Bank of Korea Money Museum


If you have been in Korea for any amount of time, then you know there is a museum for pretty much everything! I recently took my son to the Bank of Korea Money Museum which features – you guessed it – money!

Money Museum

When I first heard about this museum, I pictured about ten displays of Korean Won and how it had evolved over the years.

I was pleasantly surprised to be totally wrong. This place is amazing! In addition to showing various forms of money that have been used in Korea, it is also very international, with lots of displays (and history) of monies from all over the world. There is a lot to see on the two floors it covers. The best part? It is all FREE!

*Pro tip: If you go in the winter, be prepared to lug your coat around. There are lockers, but you can only get a key if you show (or maybe hand over) your passport. I’m not sure why, and I’m not sure how exactly it works; there was a bit of a language barrier when I was asking about this.  There are no coin operated lockers like in other museums.

Located in the Namdemun/Myeongdong area of Seoul, here is the front entrance to the museum.

Money Museum

For more location reference, it is directly across from this fountain in front of the Namdemun Shinsegae Department Store. (The fountain is currently decorated for Christmas.)

Money Museum

Upon entrance to the museum, there is a display of gold & coins. My son and the friends we were with loved this! Every time we passed by it they would stop and ooh and aah over it.

Money Museum

We enjoyed seeing money of various sizes:

Money Museum

And the steps to printing the Won bills. We learned how “real” money is identified:

Money Museum

There were lots of hands-on activities, but this was definitely the most entertaining for our kids. A machine that allows you to check your own bills to make sure they are not counterfeit!

Money Museum

We all agreed that the most interesting room was one which had displays of money from every country in the world. Sorted by continent, each country had a slide out panel with samples of the bills and coins.

Money Museum

Overall, a really interesting museum for kids of all ages!


Admission: Free. Audioguides are available for W500

Phone: 82 2-759-4881

Address: 110 Namdaemunno 3-ga, Jung-guSeoulSouth Korea

Parking for the general public is not specifically available for this museum; they recommend taking public transportation

GPS Coordinates: 37.5618592, 126.979902799


There are many ways to get here! My friend and I took bus 143 and got off at the Lotte Young Department Store stop. It drops you just past the museum. You can cross under the street and voila, you pop up right in front of the museum. There are many other buses that run through this area (check the website for specific information about bus lines that run past here).

Subway lines: 

Line No. 1 & 2 to City Hall station (exit No. 7) 

Line No. 2 to Euljiro 1-ga station (exit No. 7 to Lotte Department Store) 

Line No. 4 to Hoehyeon station (exit No. 7)

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