Zkayan Mobilya – Furniture Store


Zkayan Mobilya

About a week before my husband deployed from Incirlik (more on that coming soon!), I got this crazy idea that we desperately needed a guest room bed. We did need one, but I cannot say for sure if a week before he deployed was exactly the right time. And I wouldn’t say that we were exactly desperate, considering our guests are not arriving until May 2015… but still, I just wanted to be prepared, right? Right.


We had been discussing the purchase of a new guest bed for a few months because the Adana area is a great place to pick up custom pieces of furniture while stationed at Incirlik. Not too far from Incirlik is a great area to buy ready-made and custom made furniture. If you’ve ever ventured over to Kebapci Adil, then you know where the furniture district is! And if you don’t know where it is, don’t worry, it is an easy find! Just use the directions to Kebapci Adil or use these coordinates at the bottom of this post.


We had come across this style of bed before, called the “Baza.” It looks like it’s a box spring, but it’s not… dun dun dun… It’s actually a platform bed that pops up and you are able to hide who knows what under your mattress.

Zkayan Mobilya

I’m always looking for storage options because you never know what kind of housing you’ll be in at your next location, so this bed was perfect for us! The price was fairly perfect too – 700TL (about $350 USD) for a queen sized mattress and the baza component. After sitting on a Turkish couch, I was more than skeptical about buying a mattress, but this mattress is currently more comfortable than the one on our master bed. Time, of course, will tell, but for 700TL I won’t ever complain. I really just wanted the Baza, but for the price, we thought we’d give the mattress a try.

Zkayan Mobilya

But here’s the nitty gritty of our great find – we LOVE to venture out, find new places and practice our Turkish. This was a whole new ball game for us. We basically drove around the furniture district during one afternoon, visiting several stores that looked like they could sell mattresses and baza beds, and that was not only time-consuming but a little frustrating due to our inability to speak Turkish very well. The deeper we went back in to the furniture district, the better the prices got, and the less we felt like we were going to get taken advantage of because we were not locals.

We finally came across this store, Zkayan Mobilya (Mobiliya means furniture in Turkish). The owner, Salih Kayan, was our sales man that day. It was an extremely hot, un-airconditioned store with a very basic one-room show room. No frills. We did manage to score free water, Pepsi, cay and juice boxes for the kiddos while there, so that was nice and generous of the owner! Somehow with our limited Turkish, we were able to negotiate a price and pick out the right color for the baza and firmness for the mattress. The owner even offered to deliver for free if we could get him on to Incirlik, or he could deliver to the gate. We had secured a vehicle for transporting our furniture previously, so we did not explore either of those options, but it was nice of the owner to offer.

Zkayan Mobilya

So, if you’re in the market to buy a bed (and how awesome are the baza beds with that top secret storage!), I would love for you to visit this store. But really, I would just love for you to visit the furniture district and find a shop that you like! This recommendation could just be a starting point for a furniture buying expedition. It’s not that this store was over the top exceptional in any way (well, the price was pretty amazing!) but the experience of getting off of the base and developing relationships with the local people is what I love.

Zkayan Mobilya

click to enlarge photo of business card





Payment: TL only

Phone: 0322 346 30 58

Address: Güzelevler Mh., Çınar Caddesi, No 8, 01220 Adana

GPS Coordinates to Zkayan Mobilya: 36.978200, 35.395460

GPS Coordinates to Adana Furniture District: N 36°58’50.3” E 35°23’38.9”

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