Random in Korea: The Selfie Stick


I’m going to date myself here.   A “selfie” used to be a photo you took with your 35mm camera, held out and turned around, trying to capture a moment with friends, *hoping* to get at least one full face in the frame. Two weeks later when the film came back developed, though, it probably looked something like this:

selfie stick

Enter the Smart Phone. This was a step in the right direction, because you can reverse your camera and actually see what you are capturing in the frame. The new problem became extreme close ups. I’m not going to put an example picture here, because I do not want a photo of myself with triple chins to live on the internet forever (at least not on purpose). Additionally, it is hard to capture both yourself AND lots of other people, or lots of the background.

The invention that saved the world? Ok, maybe not the world, but it saved a lot of people from continuing to have triple chin photos… *drumroll please*… THE SELFIE STICK!

I started seeing these randomly, just one or two here and there as I was out and about. I would see them, and think, What on earth is that?!

selfie stick


And then they just sort of took off, and everywhere I went I saw lots for sale and lots in action! And I started thinking, Hmmm, this may not be such a weird thing after all! A stick that holds out your phone, or a real camera (a slim point & shoot) for you?! Genius!

selfie stick

So, being the good foreigner who wants to experience it all, I took the plunge and bought one. Let me just say, the box it came in should have had a warning label like cigarettes carry: WARNING: USE CAN BE ADDICTIVE!

Oh my gosh, I love this contraption! It is so funny to use! I tried it out at home much to the confusion of my son:

selfie stick

And then I went native and started using it in public.   What a great way to capture a photo of yourself and show a cool background too!

selfie stick

This has to be my favorite one though, a “Look at how we took this photo!” and the actual photo, from a good friend’s farewell party this summer.

selfie stick

Look at how many people we squeezed in there! And had room for more! Take that, Ellen’s Oscar Selfie!! Speaking of Ellen, I mailed her a letter and a selfie stick. I even googled her favorite color (blue) and sent one of that color. I’m still waiting on my call and plane ticket to be on the show and take a selfie *with* her…

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