Toy Alley in Dongdaemun, Seoul


Toy Alley is a street in Dongdaemun that is devoted mainly to toys, yet there is also so much more!

There are two subway stops that will get you there (they are on either end of the alley).

Dongmyo, exit 6, take the 1st right:


You can also use Dongdaemun, Exit 4. I found this information particularly helpful the first time I was actually IN Dongdaemun and wanted to find Toy Alley.

Toy Alley

Once you come out of exit 4, turn down the 2nd right and you’ve arrived at Toy Alley!

Toy Alley

Coming from either end, you may wonder at first if you are in the right place, because there are hiking stores at first. Rest assured, you’ll get to the toys soon enough! Shop after shop of toys!

Toy Alley

There are other things too, besides toys. Interspersed throughout are souvenir shops, and shops that sell bags, and winter wear (I’m sure these change out into something different in the summer.)

Toy Alley

Toy Alley

There are also some stationery/school supply stores, and some costume shops.

Toy Alley

And that, in a nutshell, is Toy Alley! It really is a random and fun little alley to visit. I always enjoy looking at the stuff they have out, and my son loves it. He always finds a little something fun to buy.

Toy Alley

Pro Tip: Stick to the kitschy Korean stuff that is cheap. American brands (like LEGO) are super expensive here. Stick to ordering those on Amazon or other retailers that ship to APO.

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