Kazancilar Kebapcisi


Kazancilar Kebapcisi

Many people would say that if you’ve eaten at one kebap restaurant, then you have pretty much eaten at all of them because they all taste the same.  I beg to differ.  I have eaten at many many kebap restaurants in and around Adana and I think Kazancilar Kebapcisi serves up the best Adana kebap in town!
Kazancilar Kebapcisi
Kazancilar Kebapcisi
The meat was tender and they had just the right combination of spices.  The chicken sis and the chicken wings were also very good.  Plus, their salads and side dishes were freshly prepared.  The wait staff didn’t speak English, but since their food selection is limited to standard kebab fare and tava’s, we didn’t have any problems ordering our food.  For the amount of food you get, the prices I thought were fairly reasonable (12-18 TL per entree).
Kazancilar Kebapcisi
Kazancilar Kebapcisi
A little background on the restaurant:  Kazancilar is the oldest kebap restaurant in Adana.  The restaurant opened its doors in 1908.  It is located in an area known as “Old Adana” near the clock tower.  I would highly recommend stopping by for a bite to eat if you are in Old Adana browsing the many shops.  When traveling to Old Adana, I would recommend parking at the Hilton Hotel and walking across the Roman bridge.
Kazancilar Kebapcisi
Parking is very limited and hard to find, in addition, driving in Old Adana can be very congested and stressful if you are not familiar with the area.  Once you locate the clock tower, the restaurant is about 150 meters or so down the alley.  Once you see a candy store on your left, turn left down the alley, and you will see the restaurant immediately on your left.
Kazancilar Kebapcisi
Kazancilar Kebapcisi
Hours: Open for Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week
Payment:  Credit Card & TL
Phone: 0322 351 3512
Address:  Kazancilar Buyuksaat:  23010. Sk, Sarıyakup Mh., 01920 Adana, Turkey
No parking available near restaurant
Google Coordinates:  36.983582, 35.32913499999995

6 thoughts on “Kazancilar Kebapcisi

  1. Emily says:

    Thanks so much for writing this Tuti! I’ve walked by this place so many times but have never eaten there…and now I really want to!! Can’t wait to try it.


  2. Beth says:

    We tried this restaurant a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it! The directions in this post are great – we took some friends for their first Turkish meal and they said we walked to it like we’d been there before.

    We all had the chicken sis and it was the best I’ve had. The cheese pide was also very good. The place is open air (at least where we sat) but there was a nice stove that we sat next to and stayed comfortable during our meal even though it was cool outside.

    Consider this my recommendation to visit this restaurant and a big thank you for the write up!


  3. India Main says:

    The map and coordinates have been troublesome. They lead me to a different Kazancilar. I believe a more accurate address for the BuyukSaat Kazancilar location is: 23010. Sk, Sarıyakup Mh., 01920 Adana, Turkey. Please try this if you’re having trouble


  4. Content Editor says:

    Thank you for this information, India – I’ve changed the address & coordinates on the post. Hopefully these will work better for everyone!


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