Gloria Jeans Coffee



I wrote a few months ago how excited I was to find Caribou Coffee right here in Adana. A few weeks later, I became an official fan of Adana when I stumbled on not one, but two locations of Gloria Jeans Coffee.


I have a soft spot in my heart for Gloria Jeans Coffee, not just because they serve coffee, which I find necessary to survive some or most days. Gloria Jeans and I go way back. Way back to my high school days when I thought I desperately needed coffee to get through my agonizing 4-hour-shift at the mall. I know, 4 hours, right?! Gloria Jeans was there for me then (whether I really needed it or not is debatable), and now, it is here for me again in Turkey.



Both locations of Gloria Jeans are in great walkable neighborhoods in Adana. One location is right off of Ziyapasa close to Cherry Berry, Aisha’s Italian Café and Accessorize.


The other location is in north Adana, close to the lake. One evening, my husband and I ate at the now defunct Sato restaurant, and had dessert and coffee at Gloria Jeans, which was right around the corner. We really enjoyed the evening here after dinner. The coffee shop has a great ambience in the evening, with a great mixture of young professionals and families.


Be sure to bring TL with you to both locations. We tried to pay with our credit card at both locations on two separate occasions, but they were unable to accept our American plastic with their machines.


Hours: Weekdays and Sundays : 08: 00-24: 00 || Friday and Saturday : 08: 00-01 : 00

Payment: TL (no credit cards); drinks range from 8-12TL


Address (downtown Adana location): Güzelyalı Mh., Uğur Mumcu Bulvarı, 01000 Adana

Coordinates for North Adana location: 37.0522807, 35.2979486


Address (north Adana location): Kurtuluş Mh., Mithat Saraçoğlu Caddesi, 01150 Adana

Coordinates for Ziyapasa location: 37.000868, 35.322067


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